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Experience in: fainting, panic attacks, vomiting, abdominal pain, anxiety, chronic IBS-constipation

Greetings and welcome! I have been eating an animal-based diet for over 4 years now. In my early 20’s I had experienced severe anxiety and dysautonomia symptoms such as fainting, panic attacks, frequent vomiting, and intense, daily abdominal pain. I lost 25 pounds, was debilitated by my anxiety symptoms, and was unable to thrive due to my weakened state. No medication ever helped.

I became interested in changing my diet when learning more about the benefits of a low carb-high fat diet in acupuncture school and, in my own research, came across the carnivore diet. When I was fully transitioned to carnivore, I noticed significant improvements in the quality and intensity of my anxiety and my ability to control it.  I wasn’t experiencing any uncontrollable symptoms on a daily basis that I had been previously – such as fainting, vomiting, or constant pain –  and with time they continued to diminish. Since adopting this way of eating, I have been able to increase muscle mass, sleep regularly and well, regain a normal menstrual cycle (post 10-year BCP use), resolve chronic IBS-constipation, get off lifelong medications for asthma and allergies, and improve skin disturbances.

The improvements I have seen in myself since adopting this style of eating has changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. I know there are more people out there who felt like me. I want to share, encourage, and help others the way others have helped me discover this important step of healing. I am a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and have a practice in southern Maine. I am passionate about promoting health through preventative measures including holistic medicine, exercise, nature, self-care, and animal-based nutrition.

3 reviews for Shanna H

  1. Kasey Nordeen (verified owner)

    Shanna provided great advice, including links to various resources, to help me commit to and stay on carnivore!

  2. Leena Lönnroth (verified owner)

    Shanna´s advice opened up a new possible route to recovery from my health issues. Although I do a lot of research on my own, just a short talk with her brought to my attention things I`d ignored. Going forward with renewed motivation!

  3. Monique Drapeau (verified owner)

    Shanna is a great listener and is very knowledgable. She provided awesome follow up resources and links. I would totally recommend a call with her. She will renew your motivation!

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