Robin K


Experience in: chronic inflammation, hemorrhoids, muscle gain

I am passionate about Health due to a rare health condition I have dealt with most of my life. Positive change started happening 12 years ago when I started following the protocols of the Westin Price foundation. They put emphasis on high quality animal products and raw dairy. Keto was next and I saw some improvements again. I tried full carnivore  Janurary 2019 and saw the greatest health gains I had ever had on a diet shift.

My chronic inflammation was lower than ever before and the hemorrhoids I had dealt with since being a cab driver 16 years before finally disappeared. Working out no longer set off inflammation that caused pain. The diet also seemed to preserve if not grow muscle on it’s own!

In May 2020 i ended my chronic health situation by getting my left leg amputated. My recovery has been swift and I have healed up well. Probably because I eat nutritionally dense food and lots of protein.

Learning and trying new ways to keep the diet interesting and doable even on a budget is something I enjoy. My 3 kids are always finding their carbs being swapped out for animal foods and I enjoy trying new ideas to keep them happy and full.

I am also a sustainable landscape designer who has studied permaculture.  The only way we can restore our soils and biodiversity while also decreasing atmospheric carbon is to massively increase the amount of ruminants on our land. The ecological positives with regards to eating meat are huge. We should have no guilt in our consumption of the species appropriate food we need for optimal health.


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