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Experience in: weight loss, body composition, energy, depression, anxiety, exercise recovery, pain

My name is Rachel A and I am based in the UK.

I started the carnivore diet in April 2019. I have always thought of myself as health conscious but lost my way after having my 4th baby. I was tired and caught in the cycle of poor sleep then poor diet, mainly coffee, biscuits and cake, I have always loved meat but the media made me believe that red meat and dairy are bad, boy was I wrong! I decided enough was enough when my youngest turned 2, so I joined a gym and started going at 4am to make sure I didn’t bump into anyone I knew as I was embarrassed that I had let myself go. I turned to restricting calories which always led to a binge but I did see some weight loss. I became more and more intrigued in the ketogenic diet and followed that for 6 months with great success and NO CHEATS for the first time ever! I found it really easy but was still suffering with bloat and felt like my energy could be better which led me to the carnivore diet, I am now over 3 years in and can honestly say that I love everything about this way of eating (woe).


  • I’m back down to a healthy weight and body composition
  • The simplicity of food
  • My energy levels are great
  • My depression and anxiety has completely gone
  • I have got remarkably stronger
  • Most of my lifts in the gym are 3 times heavier than I could ever lift before
  • Recovery time at the gym has dramatically improved
  • I’ve stopped getting spots on my face
  • My knees no longer hurt
  • I never get gym injuries
  • My cycle has greatly improved.


  • None.

I am currently studying to become a qualified level 2&3 personal trainer. I’ve learnt a lot on my journey and even more through Dr Bakers course where I qualified to become a Carnivore.Diet coach.  I love to learn and will always be updating and expanding my knowledge in all areas. I can’t wait to hear from you!

12 reviews for Rachel A

  1. Susan Garza (verified owner)

    My little brother had been pushing me to start the carnivore diets the past few months. He heard about it helping people with arthritis and many other diseases.

    He was even kind enough to do it himself first so I didn’t feel all alone with this since I have lots health issues (SLE, RH, HT and a laundry list of symptoms) and any little new symptom gives me great anxiety.

    I finally decided to go all in as the current virus going around is a real threat and I am high risk. After doing a bad job of keeping track of my electrolytes and getting heart palpitations I decided I needed guidance. By the time I talked to Rachel my electrolytes were balanced and I was ready for my coaching session.

    She did an amazing job giving me advice for my current health issues. I even learned a few new things I didn’t know about diet and how they can contribute to my specific conditions. She gave me a good plan to stick to and I feel confident enough to reach out for extra help. It really helps to have some guidance when something so simple can somehow feel so overwheling at the same time.
    I can’t wait to see how my sypmtoms improve.

  2. Jacquie (verified owner)

    Thanks for a great session Rachel! Pleasant to talk to, very sweet and provided helpful info tailored to what I needed.

  3. Alylwyn

    Rachel has completely changed my life for the better. I was a sugar addict until a month ago and I’ve never felt better.
    She is a great listener, full of information and I can tell she really cares and wants to help people like me. THANK YOU

  4. David Newton (verified owner)

    Had my first session with Rachel and I’ve just gotta say she is one amazing coach. I am keto and transitioning to carnivore and there was not one question she couldn’t answer. I feel like my health is going to improve even further after the information I’ve unlocked!! Super impressed and I am definitely booking again and again.

  5. Jason Capshaw (verified owner)

    I’d had a few false starts with Carnivore. Being a single father and constant sugar cravings didn’t help. Rachel guided me through the first couple of months of carnivore. I love how she helped me problem solve issues like feeling hungry and tired. She has great tips on feeding kids who aren’t carnivore while still keeping yourself on the plan. Rachel’s support helped me get through some of the tougher, getting started challenges. I’m doing well on Carnivore and love the new lifestyle which is why I still work with her weekly. If you need an experienced carnivore guide who is knowledgeable and supportive, you should reach out to Rachel.

  6. Gwen MacNeil (verified owner)

    Rachel was fantastic to work with. Being a personal trainer myself, I have stubborn hang ups about my body needing to look a certain way. When I found Rachel, I knew that she’d be exactly who I needed to get my mindset back – a woman, a lifter, and a carnivore.

    I found myself down a dark calorie hole and needed a good kick and the butt to remind me why I went carnivore over a year ago, and the importance of trusting 👏🏻 The 👏🏻 Process. It was super fun and enjoyable being on with Rachel, and I really look forward to continuing my work with her!

  7. Gina (verified owner)

    I have been working with Rachel for several months and her support and expertise has been invaluable during my journey of healing. She is a great listener and is well informed on all things carnivore. She is also great at helping me celebrate all the progress I have made. Rachel is absolutely the best and I feel so lucky to have her in my corner.

  8. Norka (verified owner)

    This was my first call. Very informative! Thank you Rachel

  9. Ayana Fuentes (verified owner)

    Rachel was great and asked the right questions and most importantly listened!

  10. Joshua Thomas (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed talking to Rachel. She was able to answer my questions and actually went deeper into details then I expected. She put me at ease at the thought of starting this diet. Look forward to working with her in the future.

  11. Eunice (verified owner)

    Loved talking to Rachel. I needed a pep talk and that extra motivation to get back on track and she helped me gain the confidence that I needed to get back to this WOE. Thank you Rachel, I’ll keep you updated!

  12. Becky

    Rachel was very lovely and informative. I feel very motivated to stay on the carnivore track. Well worth it!

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