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Experience: weight, skin, stable mood, cravings

Hi, my name is Pieter and I live in The Netherlands. I am 38 years old, a father of three little kids with a desk job.

I am actually studying to be a dietitian (writing my thesis now). This lets me follow my passion for health by helping people like you to reach your health goals.

I have been doing the carnivore diet for about two years now, after a lot of struggling, experimenting and making mistakes. This has helped me achieve health and weight loss results I almost didn’t think were possible anymore for myself. I always kept faith that there had to be a solution so I didn’t give up and I don’t want you to either!

Changing your health with nutrition

All around me, I see people struggling with issues that could be greatly helped with a positive change in their nutrition. Unfortunately, most people don’t see the problem or are not ready to change. Thankfully, if you’re reading this, you are aware that you can improve your health and you are already doing something about it. So if you have questions or need support, book a coaching session with me.

Sharing and learning

Being a student of nutrition and dietetics (on a carnivore diet, whatttt??!!), I am not only super motivated to share my knowledge, experience and coaching skills with you, but I am also very eager to learn from you as my coaching client, giving us both the opportunity to investigate your situation, finding the best solution possible and gaining valuable knowledge at the same time. It will be a shared and exciting journey towards your health.

In our 30 minute coaching session I will answer any questions you have to my best abilities and help you set meaningful, achievable goals that will help you make the biggest improvements to your health! What do you want to know? What do you want to achieve? I am here to help you!

Here are two pictures of me, showing the difference from before going keto and then carnivore, and after being on the carnivore diet for a year.

I don’t know if it appropriately shows in the pictures to people who don’t know me yet, but the changes make a huge positive difference in the way I feel. I can only imagine what impact it can have to people who want to make bigger changes.

(Read more about my story and what you will gain from my coaching below)

Europe – time zone

I would really like to work with fellow Europeans. It might be especially practical for us to work together. The shared time-zone will make scheduling much more convenient. Having said that, I am excited to help anyone that is able to find a suitable time in my schedule below.

My story

Unhealthy eating

Starting at the beginning: I used to be very active in sports, playing all kinds of sports and strength training. And I thought I was living healthy enough by focusing on that. Food was really only a small part of my focus. Other than drinking proteïn shakes for recovery, I didn’t give it much thought. Of course, as a young student, I also had my fair share of alcohol. So I struggled with skin issues, getting a little more fat every year and definitely not performing at the level I could have, both physically and mentally. At my worst, I was drinking alcohol and eating french fries everyday, becoming overweight and wondering why I was getting these large pimples and rashes all over my body. A chronic injury left me unable to be as active in sports as I used to be so I struggled to lose the weight. I bettered myself eventually and regained a relatively normal lifestyle. As almost everyone on this planet, I thought I knew quite a bit about healthy eating, but I was completely in the dark.

Finding a solution

As the internet made information on nutrition more easily available, I gained some practical insights. But I still was frustrated with all the contradictory statements that everybody was making when I had a conversation about food and health. Finally, becoming a father in 2015, I wanted to put a stop to all this nonsense and took up officially studying nutrition to become a dietitian. Funnily enough, this didn’t help me at all in terms of my own health. In fact, it had the opposite effect.

Nothing they taught me at the University actually made any real sense. I got to a point where I was convinced it all didn’t really matter. Calorie counting, variation and moderation were said to be the solution. So I was confused, untill I discovered the ketogenic diet in 2017. I ‘went keto’ and started to do my own research into the science of this way of eating. I learned more and more about diabetes and how, in short, it is the basis of most chronic disease we encounter today. Knowing that my grandfather had type 2 diabetes and that my father is currently overweight with super high blood pressure issues (I’m suspecting undiagnosed type 2 DM), I wanted to escape a similar fate.

Following a ketogenic diet gave me my first insights into what is actually possible by changing the way you eat. My weight went down without losing muscle mass, skin got a lot better, stable mood, less cravings, etc. etc.

Going Carnivore

Then, in 2018 I heard about people doing the carnivore diet, which sounded utterly ridiculous at the time. But, I remembered I also had some pre-conceived notions about the ketogenic diet that turned out to be wrong. So I tried the carnivore diet and it took all the effects of the ketogenic diet to the next level. There were two big differences. One, the dissipation of anxious thoughts or worrying about stuff. And two, the fact that my body was returning to its natural composition. I have a slender build and although I wasn’t overweight at 193 cm and 87-90 kg, I had forgotten how it feels to have a body that matches my genetics (now 78-80 kg). And all this while exercising less and sleeping poorly because of my third child being born.

How will you benefit?

You will skip a lot of the unnecessary uncertainty, trial and error that comes with trying things on your own. I have been guilty of this myself and want to save you from making this mistake. You will set attractive and achievable goals and together, we will make sure you reach them. Combining my background in nutrition and coaching with the MeatRx certification gives you a valuable partner in the most valuable area of your life, your health. If you don’t have a clear vision yet, we will find out what drives you so you can motivate yourself. I will be cheering you on. Helping people that had to struggle with their health is what drives me everyday. So let me help you and select a time above for a coaching call.

Off course, if you just want answers to questions you have regarding the carnivore diet and your personal situation, I am happy to help. Feel free to first look at our FAQ page for some quick answers. During our session, we can go more in depth into things like the health research, or into the environmental debate. Other good resources to be informed about nutrition and that I like are the Low Carb Down Under website, The Ancestry Foundation website and youtube channels of Shawn Baker and Food Lies

3 reviews for Pieter A

  1. Iris Van Swol (verified owner)

    I’ve had a really inspiring talk with Pieter. Ik was great talking to someone who doesn’t think i am loosing my mind and health, but knows I am doing the opposite. I appreciated Pieter’s knowlegde on how food can effect the body, and what a Carnivore lifestyle can do.
    We talked about how I can implement the Carnivore diet succesfully , going from Keto to Carnivore. As he has done the same, it was really helpful to talk about his personal experiences.
    I feel confident now in my approach, and I am looking forward to my journey. I know I can rely on Pieter for support if and when need it.

    I highly recommend Pieter to others.

  2. Niels (verified owner)

    Pieter is interested and engaging. In my country there are very few people who do this diet. So it was very nice just to talk to a fellow countryman about this WOE. During our talk we discussed where to get high quality meat in NL, how my adaptation phase is going, the current political landscape in our country in relation to carnivore, salt, and many more things.

  3. Miroslav Suchy (verified owner)

    It is a way, it is a process, it takes time, miracles dont happen over night. I am glad that Pieter is helping me on my way. I find our sessions very helpful and valuable. He is never in rush. His approach is very balanced and full of humility.
    Together we work on my “why”. What is my why ? Why do I want to be healthy ? What it looks like now and how will it look like in the future. Vividly and specifically. He is helping me to identify what health means to me and how to keep it in my mind in my everydays life. He is more of a life coach for me than a diet coach.

    I definitely recommend Pieter. You will get a lot more value comparing to what you pay.

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