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Experience in: bloating, depression, anxiety, digestion, cravings, weight loss, skin, fasting, mood

My story

I became conscious of what I was eating early high school. I did sports, but expected bloating daily. Moreover, napping and lunchtime drowsiness was normal. I guess the supposed answer was eating less, but I was hungry in the next 2 hours again and felt guilty eating, again. 10 years ago I didn’t know anything about a carnivore diet.


Looking for the perfect diet…

As a result, I looked through tons of literature and supplements what is the most optimal way to eat. I wanted all the nutrients, vitamins, macros, calories – everything in proportion how it’s supposed to be. However, what is the perfect diet and how do you get all the right groceries in the right amounts while we have a busy schedule? I stumble onto keto, but still had digestion issues, no big improvement. Even tried a vegan diet for a week – not for me.


What led me here

December 2020 I was in a bad spot: in short, no real improvement in life in any direction, maybe even depressed for a period, but I declined doctor’s offer to start taking antidepressants. I was definitely anxious – that’s when I listened to 2 podcasts, by Dr.Paul Saladino and Dr.Shawn Baker. Pretty much started right away, after a month I felt calm… But yeah people around me found me “strange” 🙂 After a year of good results, worry-free I wanted to become a coach, become a bigger part of this community and help grow it in my home country.


Improvements in my body, after a year:

  1. No bloating anymore
  2. I feel calm, not depressed, not anxious
  3. Digestion is good (every 1-2 days and it’s not painful)
  4. Cravings have gone down – it’s about my health first, then taste – used to eat too many sweets
  5. Less stress what to eat how much – such a relief in planning. When I’m hungry, I just eat until I’m full – not thinking about every calorie, vitamin, nutrient measurement combination, looking at nutrition facts endlessly…
  6. Don’t have to restrict myself when eating – I used to feel guilty for eating a lot and then still being hungry  – because my body was hungry for the right nutrients.
  7. Lost some weight, 10kg or 20lbs or so
  8. Feel warmer
  9. Better teeth, stay clean for longer
  10. Easy to fast
  11. Better skin
  12. Don’t get tired after eating a lot
  13. Can go do sports after eating straight away
  14. Less moody

People around us

I also have experience with starting this alone. That means your partner, family and friends judging in their own way. They all want the best for me and you, but it takes time for them to accept a new truth. It can also be quite hard, when you know carbs etc don’t serve your body, but at the family dinner or social outing “you’ve got to try this…”  or “it’s unnatural”  happens.

Eventually it’s easier to choose your health first, taste second – although I enjoy everything I eat 🙂



I don’t think everybody should do the carnivore diet long-term. It’s their body and life, but I do think they could read up on it and give it a try once in their life for 1-2 months. If they like it and improve their health – great, if not – no problem. I am here to coach and help during that journey!


Quick facts

Location: Estonia, so I’m like 1 in a million since there’s so few of us (population 1.3mil)

Languages: English, Estonian fluently, German used to be fluent

Work: MC or a host for events (pretty much like Ryan Seacrest); sales, coaching (personal development, sales & public speaking)

University Education: mechatronics, business management

Sports: resistance training, snowboarding, running

Misc: read 20+ books a year, like systems & Batman


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