Olena I


Experience in: weight loss, skin issues, gut health, motivation, energy balance, sugar/carbs cravings

Hi, I’m Olena, I help women to be fit, energetic and happy.

All are also welcome, but my main focus is on women’s health and wellbeing.

My motto is We Should All Be Feminists and Low-Carbers.

I’m a carnivore, keto, IF and health coach, and my superpower is to find the way to incorporate healthy habits in YOUR lifestyle.

And I’m not that kind of shiny ringing carnivore coach who builds the own daily life around hundreds of wellness practices. I’m a real woman, and I will never give you advice that doesn’t fit real life.

  • I’ve be practicing the keto diet for 11 years (it was always pretty carnivore-ish), for the last 3 years I’ve been experimenting with carnivore. I went through pregnancy on the keto diet and breastfed my daughter until almost 3, doing a low or no carb diet.
  • I got rid of migraines, allergy, skin issues and stomach ache practicing healthy diet.
  • I published a book about low-carb living in Russian and Ukrainian.
  • I love cooking and creating recipes, and teach how to make cooking easy and cheap.
  • More than 3000 people took my health course in Russian.
  • I have a collection of text messages from my clients about pants they almost lost because of weight loss.

I do coaching in English and Russian. My speaking Ukrainian is poor, but I understand it well and will be happy to stimulate BDNF by bilingual coaching session.




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