Nicholas S


Experience in: dysbiosis, leaky gut, asthma, food allergies, weight loss, eczema, CIRS, Lyme disease

Hello! I’m Nick and I have been in the paleo/ketogenic space for nearly a decade. Spurred by a relentless drive to get to the bottom of some lingering (though significant) symptoms that were not fully resolved, I have been following various iterations of a carnivore diet for 5+ years. The results have been nothing short of marvelous. Throughout this time I have worked with a high-fat approach as well as a higher-protein approach to achieve different body composition goals. I have experience with both intuitive eating as well as tinkering with macro ratios to achieve the best cognitive and physical performance on a carnivorous eating plan. Most significantly, the carnivore diet was instrumental in finally overcoming the constellation of hypothalamic dysfunction known as CIRS, which was brought on by Lyme Disease and Mold Illness. By alleviating my digestive issues, it allowed me to tolerate the required medications, lower my cytokine load and finally clear the biotoxins out of my system.

I am also a writer and a musician, and have found this way of eating to provide innumerable benefits on my creative performance and achieving that fabled “flow state.”

I have personal experience with:

  • dysbiosis
  • leaky gut
  • asthma
  • food allergies
  • nasal congestion
  • blood sugar regulation
  • weight loss
  • eczema
  • muscle gain
  • CIRS
  • Lyme Disease

Book an appointment if you want to chat all things carnivore! I look forward to hearing from you.


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