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You’re here taking a ‘Jump’ into your health, BRAVO! Congratulations.

My name is Nial. I’ve been on a wild ride for the past two years searching for the ultimate fuel source to push through intense training in the world of Marathon Swimming. The evolution started approximately two years ago while overseas, from Israel to Iraq, tweaking dietary habits all the way. From vegan to full carnivore, full circle. An incredible journey of discovery, an eye-opening experience crushing old paradigms and misleading guidelines contrary to optimal health.

I’m a giant ‘Lab Rat’ testing training results via Dexa Scans, CIMT scans, CAC scans, and Blood Labs and I can confidently state “I’m on a roll”.

In the past, swimming has taken me across shores, against the odds, from England, France, Spain, Africa, Honduras, California, Chicago, and many countries in between. Never has training been more intense than the present moment (01 Sept 2020, Molokai). I could have never imagined reaching the current intensity levels, on a daily basis, at the age of 54. I’m on fire and I want to drag you with me. Continue ‘Jumping’ my friend, continue your search, you’re on a ‘ROLL’.

1 review for Nial F

  1. Marco

    His advice went beyond diet and touched on different aspects of adaptability, training, and mindset. Nial is a true source of inspiration.

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