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I’m Mike S. and my goal is to help you achieve your best health possible!

They say that health is the greatest wealth and I believe the best way to unlock and achieve your full potential is through living a healthy holistic lifestyle which includes animal product based nutrition. My experience spans a decade of experimenting with various protocols and diets from low fat, vegan/vegetarian, keto and finally carnivore.

I have experienced how powerful proper nutrition is and can be. It’s sparked an endless pursuit and passion in me and has helped me overcome my health issues, optimize athletic performance, and achieve a better overall outlook and mindset. Finally, I’m a certified keto coach, I have added the MeatRx coaching certification to my background and I’m also pursuing additional education/certification in the health/fitness field as helping others is my passion!

I would love to help you along your carnivore journey and live your best life!

20 reviews for Mike S

  1. Carey (verified owner)

    I had my 1st session with Mike today. He was extremely knowledgeable, explaining things to where I understood them. He could relate to my struggles, which was comforting. He gave me a plan to follow, keeping things simple. After our call, I feel hopeful and excited about life again! I highly recommend Mike as a coach. With his advice and guidance, I have no doubt I will be able to achieve this sustainable health and lifestyle change.

  2. JoeB (verified owner)

    Mike was great. Listened patiently to my background story and provided his input and advice based on experience. It’s great to get some tips and tricks to help me adhere to the plan. I’ll be giving World Carnivore month a serious go with MeatRx.

  3. Afe Filemoni (verified owner)

    Thank you Mike for the insight, answering all my questions and going beyond the time allotted. Giving tips and especially how im going to fell the first couple of weeks as my body will be trying to adapt to this carnivore diet. Thank you again Coach

  4. Mell (verified owner)

    Mike is awesome! I’m not new to the carnivore diet and know a few things, but he was able to still provide some great insight and tips to better the carnivore lifestyle. He understands your goals, is very personable, and easy to talk to (something you’d want in a coach!). He has a lot of knowledge and isn’t afraid to share it. Thanks for answering all my questions and motivating me even more to continue this way of eating.

  5. Kenya Cabrera (verified owner)

    Thank you Mike for your patience and willingness in providing me an amazing coaching session. Your experience and expertise is mind blowing. Hands down, you truly know your stuff. And because of you, I know more about the carnivore diet than ever before. Thank you so much! Your awesome

  6. Sarah W (verified owner)

    Mike was excellent. He is very personable and very easy to talk to. He had a lot of great information and I ended the call feeling excited to continue the carnivore diet, and also confident that my body can heal itself under the right circumstances. He will not rush through your call either—he’s thorough and not concerned about ending right on time. Thank you for your help, Mike!

  7. Sandi A. (verified owner)

    Is it enough to say I LIKE MIKE! I highly recommend Mike if you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable about various nutritional modalities, lives the Carnivore way of life and practices the healing power of community. I enjoyed learning about his tips & tricks but more importantly I feel that he’s in my corner. Thank you again Mike. I look forward to chatting again.

  8. Kristy (verified owner)

    Mike is amazing! He is clear and concise, sets up mutually decided upon goals and follows up with you to ensure you have no questions. I feel like I have known him for years!

  9. eric d (verified owner)

    Great talking w/ Mike he did a nice job reviewing my questions in advance and explaining next steps.

  10. Justin Kwasnek (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Mike for anyone who is new to the carnivore/keto lifestyle. He’s very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.

  11. John (verified owner)

    Mike was fantastic! He wants to know what your goals are right off the bat so no time is wasted, and you can get the information you need right away. Very friendly and down to earth. I have a lot more confidence to start this diet now!

  12. Keith Lantz (verified owner)

    Thank you Mike for sharing your knowledge and experience. Mike was well prepared and gave me different pieces of information which will be beneficial for a good beginning.

    Very personable and easy to chat with, I enjoy our time together discussing many different aspects diet, expectations and process.

    Money and time well spent.

  13. Waqar (verified owner)

    Mike, thank you for motivating me to stay the course. I had a great chat with you and my expectations with my diet and exercise are much clearer now. Although I would consider myself to have some knowledge of nutrition the session with you was informative and I have a clear plan to follow.
    You were easy to talk to and ask questions and I appreciate that even though the session went over the allotted time you were considerate and never rushed me. I believe the plan will work. Thanks

  14. Adam Cronan (verified owner)

    Had a great coaching session with Mike. He helped answer my questions and gave me some good pointers to get started and stay committed. I definitely recommend Mikes coaching to anyone looking for motivation or guidance

  15. Walt Childs (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my session with Mike. He is very knowledgeable and combined with his personal experience was able to help me get things in perspective so I could get back on course with my carnivore diet. He shared his personal journey which was very helpful and give me specific guidelines that I know will make a big difference. I would highly recommend Mike as a coach.

  16. Patrick (verified owner)

    Mike S is a very knowledgeable and empathetic coach. I have received more value from my consults with Mike S than I have from other coaches that I paid literally over 10x as much, which makes him an incredible value. Hire him, you won’t regret it.

  17. Al (verified owner)

    Mike is awesome! He indeed was very knowledgeable and explained how these health/lifestyle changes applied to him which was supremely interesting to listen to as it gave the guides seen online a more personal side. I am very excited to continue sessions with him and he inspires me to be better!

  18. Alvaro (verified owner)

    Mike is AWESOME. Super knowledgeable and super nice. Every time I speak to him, I am further inspired to continue my carnivore and health journey on which I first embarked. I started with Mike 2.5 months ago and am not turning back, I feel honored to have had his guidance during this health upswing and I look forward to more sessions with him.

  19. Bryce Groen (verified owner)

    Mike is very knowledgeable and friendly. He took more than the boiled time to talk and answer all my questions. He was also full of great tips. Really appreciated his time.

  20. James (verified owner)

    Great job Mike! Highly recommended! James

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