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Experience in: vegan, paleo, keto

I’m focused on helping clients realize their health goals as quickly and successfully as possible.

My expertise comes from over two decades of experimentation with diets ranging from vegan to paleo and keto, and finally carnivore. My own adaptation to carnivore was a bit complicated, which gives me some extra knowledge for how to troubleshoot others’ challenges. Additionally, through the carnivore community I have been exposed to hundreds of other peoples’ experiences and have seen what is more and less likely to work. Finally, I have added the MeatRx coaching certification training to my background.

Having benefited from the carnivore diet, I am motivated to help others on their own journeys, and would love to help you.

5 reviews for Mike B

  1. Joanne McCallum (verified owner)

    I have just had my first coaching session with Mike. He was very encouraging and offered excellent advice for me to carry on with over the next few weeks. Mike was kind, knowledgeable, and has good communication skills. I recommend him.

  2. jojo4prez (verified owner)

    I had a coaching session with Mike a week ago. He was very accommodating on the initial technical issues, listened to what I had to say and we chatted back and forth on different ways to address specific issues. It wasn’t a rote do this or that, rather a conversation which I really appreciated. I would recommend Mike anytime.

  3. Joel (verified owner)

    I just started a carnivore diet a few weeks ago. Big change! I’ve had some challenges but it’s going well. My wife is a carnivore and avid researcher. She has also used MeatRX counseling, and recommended it. Some of my issues were not typical, and I was having trouble finding answers on youtube and forums. I reached out to Mike to get some perspective. Mike is a great listener. He gave me very good information, and helped me with suggestions to make things work even better. He clearly has a lot of experience and knows how to share it.

  4. Agata (verified owner)

    I had my first couching session with Mike today! I’m so glad I chose him as a couch! He has a lot of knowledge and he’s easy to talk to! I was really impressed. Looks like he has a lot of experience and know what to when things are not going so great. Definitely will recomend him!

  5. Jim Kirsch (verified owner)

    Hey Mike!
    You really did a great job and put out a great effort to help me. Mine is an interesting and difficult case but you gave me lot to think about and to experiment with. I also really appreciate your responding to my e-mail questions. I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone with problems transitioning to the carnivore or any diet. I also look forward to speaking with you again sometime. Best wishes and thank you!

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