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Experience in: obesity, asthma, eczema, dandruff, joint pain, low energy levels, weak immune system

Experience in: obesity, asthma, eczema, dandruff, joint pain, low energy levels, weak immune systemFor 20 years I struggled with a series of health problems such as:

Obesity, asthma, eczema, dandruff, roseacea, joint pain (foot, back, hip, ankle, shoulder injuries), low energy levels, weak immune system (infections, illness), inflammatory bowel disease, irrital bowel syndrome, poor libido, leaky gut (constant digestion problems), inflammation, brain fog (lack of focus when reading).

Doctors prescribed puffers, steroids, pills and orthotics to mask these issues without ever attempting to address the root cause. 

I tried for years to find the root cause by cleaning up my diet with a plant based approach yet things only became worse and I was convinced that I was destined to be obese and sedentary.

In 2016 I began intermittent fasting and lost over 20 lbs but plateaued due to my poor diet.  I then began a keto diet and lost another 15 lbs.  Again I plateaued because I found myself consuming high amounts of vegetable/seed oils, sweet keto snacks and leafy greens that I could not properly digest.

In December 2019 I began the carnivore diet and saw amazing results immediately, my energy levels skyrocketed, skin cleared up, joint pain vanished and my digestion regulated for the first time in my life.

After a few weeks my addiction to sugar went away and the visceral fat around my belly disappeared.  In total I lost 80 lbs through this journey and now I’m over 40 and I feel better physically and mentally than when I was younger.

I want to use my knowledge and experience to help people with similar problems achieve the amazing success that I have found!

4 reviews for Michael C

  1. Michael McIntyre

    Awesome rx post sir. Would love to talk. I’m in James Bay. Third year journey and now use meat rx life style and diet. Would love to chat about this world as a 55yr old, whose starting weight was 350. Fat from childhood and ankle issues my whole life. Amazing to hear someone else’s story on this topic and you live right here. Awesome

  2. Patrick Freeman (verified owner)

    Michael is an excellent coach. Very knowledgeable and very personable.

  3. Caren Aschke (verified owner)

    Very personable and had a great session. Thanks!

  4. Alan (verified owner)

    Super attentive and gives great information, thank you!

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