Megan G


Experience in: weight loss, energy, mood, digestion, skin, sinuses, cycle, circulation, sleep

I started my heath journey young trying to lose my teenage weight, but I didn’t know how to do so in a healthy way.

I said no to typical junk, ate less and read women’s health magazines which promoted low carb vegetables, lean protein and little fat. I bought meal plans, vitamins, weight loss pills, and a Fitbit, logging and burning off my food. I lost 40lbs in a few months, but I didn’t enjoy this or feel good, and began to binge on junk daily while continuing my “healthy habits.” But I now had to work harder to burn that off in addition to the shame of not being 100% “healthy”.

Into my 20’s, I obsessively tried getting a full spectrum of nutrients daily by incorporating “healthy carbs/fats”. But this was more calories so I exercised even more. I replaced my typical junk treats with low carb alternatives but I would still go for the worse stuff quite often. I had gained back 30lbs and hopelessly thought it would always be this way.

I stumbled on the Paleo diet in which I learned about how “healthy” food could be potentially harmful. I progressed to a vegetable heavy autoimmune diet, all while still binging. I then discovered vegetables had the same harmful compounds and that you can get all your nutrition from animal foods, and it all clicked: I can eat delicious, healthy food and not gross salads!

I started eating “animal-based”, but still couldn’t lose the weight because, although I was full with no cravings, I enjoyed it so much, I would overeat. It wasn’t until I learned to eat less carbs, high fat, and listen to my body that I was able to find peace. I did lose 20lbs and noticed improvements in my energy, mood, digestion, skin, sinuses, cycle, circulation, & sleep.

I hope to share what I’ve learned from my struggles and successes and help people through their health journey, eat delicious food, avoid disease, and look and feel amazing.


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