Mechelle M


Experience in: mood disorder, autoimmune conditions, pre-diabetes, anemia, arthritis, athlete’s foot

Because I lowered my insulin levels and increased my nutrition using a low carb lifestyle, I put my mood disorder, autoimmune conditions and many other health issues (including pre-diabetes, anemia, arthritis and long-term chronic bladder infections, yeast infections and athlete’s foot) in remission.   Coming from a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, I started keto in 2012, added intermittent fasting and timed eating in 2016, and came to the carnivore lifestyle in 2018.

I have found my greatest joy in the carnivore lifestyle, but feel that everyone is on their own journey, and needs to individually find their best lifestyle fit.  I’d love to help you reach your health goals by using the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained over the last many years!  Reach out to me for help with using lifestyle interventions to overcome barriers, gain unbiased information, and receive the emotional support you need to get your insulin levels down and feel great.

I have a special interest in people who are living with autoimmune issues, and who, like me, have a low tolerance for many foods–including herbs and spices.  As a post menopausal woman, I am also motivated to help other women stay strong as they age.  Finally, I have a masters in Science Education, a history of working as a keto coach and a weight resistance training coach, and am a former La Leche League Leader.


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