Marcelo B

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Experience in: obsessive-compulsive disorder, gut issues, depression

Just passionate about the carnivore diet and health.

Coaching in: English, German, Spanish

I’ve had personal experience with: obsessive-compulsive disorder, gut issues, depression

6 reviews for Marcelo B

  1. Fernan C (verified owner)

    Excellent coach! Highly recommend.

    Now everything is clear for me!


  2. Mari S

    Very helpful with a good explanation on how to transition to a full carnivore diet. Also the tips on best practices are very useful. I look forward to try it out and share my results with him.

  3. Edu

    Hola Marcelo!!
    Es un placer poder hablar contigo.
    Me puse en contacto con el doctor Baker por instagram para preguntarle si tenia personas en su equipo que hablaran español y me dio tu nombre.
    Hace ya tiempo que estoy siguiendo una alimentación keto-carnivora y de vez en cuando hago un día de trampa pero me gustaría pasar a una alimentación 100% carnívora sin tener que recurrir de ven en cuando a los carbohidratos y cosas por el estilo.
    Me podrías ayudar en todo esto?
    Muchas gracias y espero tu respuesta.
    Un saludo Marcelo!!!

  4. Ben Corkery (verified owner)

    Marcelo is very knowledgable on the the carnivore diet. He shared his experience and insights with me in a professional and empathetic way. He understood the struggles that i was having and helped to build my confidence in the process of healing from mental illness with this way of eating, Thanks for your help Marcelo!

  5. Sebastian Thiel (verified owner)

    Danke für die Hilfe!
    Gut dass es auch deutsche Coaches gibt.

  6. Aaron H (verified owner)

    Marcelo was generous to share his experience with very greatly reducing his OCD symptoms via healthly keto and the carnivore diet. He also has been a coach to many others who have done the same. If you have OCD and are looking for a reason to hope, chatting with Marcelo might be a great option for you.

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