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Experience in: metabolic syndrome, energy levels, mental clarity, mental health

Hola, hello, oi!

My name is Laura and I found fasting and the carnivore diet through my interest in low-carb and keto lifestyles. In less than a year, I was able to reverse metabolic syndrome, increase my energy levels, my mental clarity (better focus and decision-making) and improve my mental health (less anxious and better mood), along with feeling an improved overall sense of well-being. On top of the health benefits, carnivory and fasting makes my life simpler.  As a minimalist, I am extremely grateful for this lifestyle.

As an educator, I am passionate about helping others and witnessing people grow and succeed.

I offer my services in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

2 reviews for Laura V

  1. Sanders (verified owner)

    I had heard of the carnivore diet About a year ago and I was skeptical. I decided to try it with the goal of treating eczema. I found Laura and she had honest and thorough answers for all my questions. Laura is very knowledgeable and passionate about animal based eating and she explained in detail how it helped her lose weight, increase her energy levels, and gave her mental clarity. I have just completed my first month of the meat only diet and I feel great! The eczema is gone( it disappeared within the first 7 days) my energy levels are high all the time, I’ve lost body fat and my mind is clear. Laura also checked on me regularly which really helped me to stay focus. I can’t recommend Laura high enough!

  2. Suki Chaney (verified owner)

    I am just starting the carnivore diet and was excited to meet with Laura. I appreciated her clarity in making the carnivore diet a lifestyle that will endure the distance. She was able to help me, and I look forward to touching base with her as needed and as I continue this journey.

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