Kresimir G


Experience in: IBS, arthritis, digestive discomfort, bloating, brittle nails, headaches, depression

I am a biohacker who sees vital health begins way before you enter the Doctors office.  I have tried every diet known to man, from Vegan to Keto. None pale in comparison to this diet. By the grace of God I have ultimately come to the true animal based diet. I have lost an accumulative 90 lbs. on the Carnivore Diet over the course of a year.

I accredit the Carnivore diet to aiding in the healing of my hip health. Most of the ailments I’ve dealt with included persistent IBD, reoccurring IBS,  pesky arthritis, digestive discomfort, bloating, brittle nails,  pounding headaches, gloomy depression, high blood pressure, and obesity. All which have subsided on my health journey.

Come walk with me to see how I can help rekindle your relationship with nutrition, health and attitude towards life one ribeye at a time.

  Here i am around 290 lbs at 6ft 2. This fish was 6.5 lbs for reference.


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