Kathryn T


Experience in: sugar and carb addiction, improved digestion, bloating, clearer skin, clearer mind

I have been mostly carnivore for close to 3 years. I came to this from a place of knowing that I battle sugar and carb addiction and seeking tools to help me manage that. But also from a deep frustration with the big food agenda and the recommendations that simply keep people sick. I have always been passionate about being strong and healthy and thriving more than surviving. I wanted a platform to help change the narrative from standards that make people sick, to choices that help people truly get healthy. My personal transformations have come in the way of improved digestion, elimination of bloating, clearer skin, feeling more satisfied, a clearer mind, more energy, better sleep, less food anxiety, and more balanced hormones. I have sustained this lifestyle all while nursing and believe wholeheartedly that it is an amazing tool for parents (and kids!). When I’m not eating steak and eggs, I love to be outside in nature with my toddler and tend to my chickens and garden.


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