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Experience in: hypothyroidism, amenorrhea, joint pain, chronic back pain, fatigue, torn shoulder

Hi I’m Karla! Im so excited to be approaching my four and a half year anniversary as a Carnivore. My energy, vitality and over all health are better now at age 52 than ever before! Once I had this experience of truly living, there was no going back!

Like many people I found Carnivore after a lifetime of mainstream advice: eat less and move more, count your calories, eat less protein and more vegetables, low fat, graze all day etc…  I was doing everything “right”, yet I always felt terrible. As a result I became a vegetarian, a chronic dieter who over exercised and soon had severe disordered eating tendencies which resulted in: Hypothyroidism, amenorrhea, joint pain, chronic back pain, fatigue, constipation and a torn shoulder that wouldn’t heal.

Then an infection of my inner ear destroyed a nerve that took my balance, my ability to work, exercise or do any of my normal everyday life things. I knew that if I wanted to heal nerve tissue I needed amino and fatty acids and lots of them. Something that was sparse on my then current diet.  So in order to receive as much as possible I knew I had to eliminate EVERYTHING else.

I began Carnivore as an elimination protocol and received SO much more than I bargained for: Freedom from dieting, I instantly regained my cycle, I reversed my thyroid condition, my shoulder healed without surgery, my constipation resolved, and I’ve had a return of my balance system with a stronger and more energetic body than before.

I would love for you to experience the abundant benefits of this lifestyle.With 13 years experience as a professional cook, I can assist with menu planning and creative recipe development.  After 13 years as a massage therapist and 6 years as a health coach, my experience with anatomy and physiology can help us fine tune your path to wellness. So together lets explore this “ideal human diet” and head towards optimal health and wellness!

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10 reviews for Karla H

  1. Suki (verified owner)

    Karla was so helpful! She gave me plenty of practical tips on how to do the carnivore diet so that it will truly move me forward toward better health. I appreciated her input and insight.

  2. James Becker (verified owner)

    Karla knew the answers to my questions and gave me a path to follow.
    She also agreed to answer my questions via email and skip the video chat.
    Very helpful and flexible.

  3. Jo Ann Shane (verified owner)

    Karla was very helpful in dispelling some of my erroneous myths about the program and my own misconceptions about what and how to do this lifestyle. I am excited to go forward and thrive!

  4. Deborah (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed speaking with Karla. She was very helpful and provided me with lots of insight with this lifestyle. I will be speaking with Karla again in a couple months and also keeping in touch through email.

  5. Francie (verified owner)

    Karla was great. Extremely helpful and personable. She knows her stuff! She shared some recipes with me that I’m really excited to try. I look forward to following up with her at some point.

  6. Jessica Lehnert (verified owner)

    Thank you Karla! I appreciate your insight and guidance. It’s so reassuring to speak to someone who has been through a similar journey and has so much experience. You are a great coach and I highly recommend you!!!

  7. Diana (verified owner)

    I was never able to speak with this coach because they did not contacted
    me–very inconvenient. I am still waiting, since 8:15 a.m., because our zoom call was to end at 8:30…

  8. Daren Epstein (verified owner)

    Karla was amazing. She is an expert in the carnivore way of life having walked the walk. Her experience as a professional chef, health coach and massage therapist really add to her ability to inform her clients as to what approaches may be best for them. She spends a lot of time listening to you because she really wants to know your personal journey to carnivore. She can offer something of value for those contemplating the carnivore diet as well as those who may have been doing it for several years. She is super cool and easy to get along with. If you are on the fence about booking a carnivore coach, do not hesitate. Book Karla ASAP.

  9. Suzi Durren

    I enjoyed our talk together, she is kind and helpful and is a testimony of health in body mind and spirit.

  10. Suzi Durren

    Sorry I was meant to give u full stars above
    And again Karla was very kind in helping me by supporting me

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