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Experience in: sugar and food addiction, weight loss, diabetes T2, exercise, skin, digestion, mood

Our health care system – otherwise known by some as a disease management system – is broken and a disaster in crisis mode.

We all suffer from it to some degree – some more than others. I know I did – decades of digestive and skin issues, weight problems from too heavy to emaciation, as well as brain fogginess and moodiness.

Going from the standard Western diet, to a more “balanced” diet, to vegetarianism only seemed to make things worse. I even tried a vegan diet. That was the final straw. My overall health and training quickly took a nose dive. My doctor did nothing but order blood tests and prescribe drugs and creams. You can probably guess how that story ended.

My health was way too important for me to give up on, for my own sake as well as my family’s. So I did the research, found the gurus that made ancestral sense and experimented on myself. I adopted a ketogenic diet for several years and greatly improved my health. And, then nearly 2 years ago I came across the carnivore diet and the ancestral lifestyle through Dr Shawn Baker and other professionals. Adopting this new yet ancient lifestyle, I have improved my overall health and enjoyment of life immensely.

Now a successful, experienced, practicing Certified Carnivore and Certified Primal Health Coach; lean, fit, strong, and more energetic than ever, I feel passionate about mentoring others on their own path to great health and well-being.

How about you? Are you ready to join us and begin your own health journey? We can do this TOGETHER! Book me now and let’s get going.


23 reviews for Karl L

  1. Charles Heikkila (verified owner)

    My first session with Karl was very positive. He was clear, concise and able to offer suggestions and recommendations on how I should approach the carnivore way of eating. Karl was able to answer my queries without hesitation. I am looking forward to working with Karl in the future.

  2. Cathy Larson (verified owner)

    Amazing double coaching session with Karl! I felt heard and understood as I brought my questions and concerns about my own carnivore journey as well as much appreciated help and counsel for my husband who has very concerning auto immune skin issues and long-term digestive pain. Karl had very thoughtful and thorough suggestions that come from over 7 years of a keto/carnivore lifestyle and hours of research that were of great benefit to me. It was a great connection and I’m encouraged that he is so available for future conversations.

  3. lynn (verified owner)

    I had my first session with Karl over the weekend. He was super knowledgeable about the carnivore diet and answered all my questions thoroughly. He had some great suggestions about how to thrive during the first 30 days and beyond. He took his time with every question and made sure to address all my concerns. Another plus was his very relaxed manner. I am looking forward to working with him again as I go forward with this WOE.

  4. melissa mccabe (verified owner)

    Karl depth of knowledge is both reassuring and a wonderful tool to tap into to well worth booking with. His manner so reassuring and he shows real empathy. I feel very fortunate to be able to access this level of experienced coach.

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    I have engaged Karl to try and enlighten my 70yo father to the benefits of Carnivory. He has been squarely in the “vegetables and fruit and lean fish and good carbs are healthy, and red meat and fat is bad” camp his entire life. I have tried but can’t get through to him. In just a few sessions with Karl so far I can see that my father while not a convert yet, does every-so-slowly appear to be opening his mind, and I attribute this to Karl’s knowledge, personal example, and patient and effective communication skills. I think Karl is an excellent Carnivore Coach for the 60+ male wanting to be in the best shape of his life. Thank you Karl!

  6. Tom Sheehan (verified owner)

    Karl really listens and offers practical suggestions. He gave me a good amount of new knowledge particularly the difference in hunger signalling between the traditional Western diet and carnivore. This has been a real confusion for me and has led to under eating and then eating other foods because I was not fully satiated.
    He is clear and easy to listen to.
    I have a plan and will check in with Karl again in the next weeks.
    Thank you Karl for your time and expertise.

  7. Prem Gomes (verified owner)

    I have had three sessions with Karl and I must say that he is a great individual. He is very knowledgeable and enjoys what he does. I was very reluctant in going 100% carnivore but after talking to him and the way he explained and answered my questions I am ready to take up the challenge.

  8. Lynn Lewis (verified owner)

    Very comprehensive discussion. Actionable tips, tools and advice. No rush, relaxed conversation. I felt that his desire was to help, teach and empower me as a novice carnivore. Really appreciated the consultation.

  9. Joseph Malak (verified owner)

    Excellent coach. Confident and competent. Well-organized. Good listener. Knows how to ask motivational questions. I am a physician — not an easy client.

  10. Kent Burnett (verified owner)

    At my first meeting with Karl, he was very generous. He actually answered questions. I am looking forward to finding out if the answers apply to me.

  11. Vicki Barber (verified owner)

    Having some coaching experience myself, I can be pretty critical, but my first coaching session with Karl far exceeded my expectations. This one is experienced, speaks in a positive and direct manner, was generous with his time and his advice. Just what the doctor ordered, as they say. I will continue this coaching relationship. I really think the carnivore lifestyle will help with my autoimmune issues with psoriasis and dermatomyositis.

  12. Michael E Collins (verified owner)

    Great information, extremely knowledgeable. Very patient, asked questions and actually listened to my answers!

  13. Walt Childs (verified owner)

    Karl was very knowledgeable and was able to address all my health issues including my colitis and diabetes. He helped me put together a daily eating and exercise program to get the results I would like to achieve. I am very happy with this coaching session.

  14. Jim K. (verified owner)

    Thank you Karl!
    Very good session–I feel like I learned and reinforced a lot and also received a lot of the encouragement I needed. I appreciate your balanced, mature, sensible, and non-dogmatic approach. I’m going to give this a go–one step at a time–with flexibility! A very wise man once said “Trust the process but be flexible”–wait a minute Karl–that was you that said that! Ha ha!😄 Anyway, as you know, I’ve had a really difficult time trying to adapt to a keto-carnivore way of eating. The slower to very slow transition with “flexibility” that you have suggested makes a lot of sense to me. I very much appreciate the time you spent with me and feel this was a very worth while coaching session. All the best to you and yours and I’ll be in touch! Jim

  15. Craig Papineau (verified owner)

    Excellent consultation he was clear concise and straight to the point.

  16. Mark Seman (verified owner)

    Karl rocks! My first session with him was free (he provides a coupon code in his intro video), and it ran close to 60 minutes — twice as long as the allocated time. That’s a good deal, especially when factoring in his knowledge and experience regarding all things Carnivore. He heard my story, and promptly formulated a quick track plan for me and my multiple health issues. Plus, besides being always available for further question or concerns by email, he’s also very disciplined and a good motivator.
    Thanks Karl.

  17. Samaria Brugger (verified owner)

    He mentions gurus in his bio. I found Karl to be a carnivore guru for health. I appreciate his experience and example. I give him 5 stars.

  18. Miki Obradovic (verified owner)

    Karl, I am very happy with the advise you gave me. Three days in and my muscles are soar. I will decrease the weight of the dumb bells to just 4kg each because at 6kg I can only do 10 reps per set and I think with 4 I will be able to do 3×15 ..
    Eating this much .. I have not tried that before .. and it never worked out for me before – so I am hopeful and in good spirits!
    I am giving it all I have, which has often failed me, but who knows, maybe eating right and enough will carry me through.
    Will keep you posted.
    Thank you!

  19. Nishad (verified owner)

    One of the most motivating and positive minded coaches I have ever come across. Infectious energy! Surely recommend Karl to anybody who wishes to Ace his diet

  20. Carole (verified owner)

    My meeting with Karl was fantastic! He is so knowledgeable and easy to understand. He was clear, concise, and straightforward. The session was to help guide my grandfather with Parkinson’s to a better way of eating and living. He gave us a CLEAR plan and answered ANY questions we had. I recommend Karl for anyone who wants to inquire about a healthier way of living and thriving and wants some guidance on where to begin. I look forward to continuing working with him!

  21. Suzi Durren (verified owner)

    Karl gave me some real insight into emotional eating.His counseling was warm and careing. Thank you Karl.

  22. Trish Canyon (verified owner)

    I want to give Karl an EXCELLENT review. 4 or 5 stars whatever is highest.. I found him to be an excellent listener, He understood the considerations I presented and was able to anticipate some I hadn’t brought up. He’s relaxed and relatable. I never felt rushed. He understands the carnavore diet, and helped me with fasting, age issues, arthritis, exercise, binging eating, adding foods in/out of food plan. He’s not dogmatic and really tries to help you see what you want to achieve, offering strategies to help you achieve success. I will book with him again to go over some things we didn’t cover in this initial session. Meantime, I’ve got a plan and clear directions I’ve worked out with his assistance. I’m Very pleased to be working with him.

  23. Brad Gibson (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed my first coaching session with Karl. He is knowledgable, encouraging, and extremely helpful. I’ve booked another session with him for next week, and plan to continue with the accountability and information he provides. I’m very happy to be working with Karl!

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