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Karl L

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Experience in: sugar and food addiction, weight loss, diabetes T2, exercise, skin, digestion, mood

Our health care system – otherwise known by some as a disease management system – is broken and a disaster in crisis mode.

We all suffer from it to some degree – some more than others. I know I did – decades of digestive and skin issues, weight problems from too heavy to emaciation, as well as brain fogginess and moodiness.

Going from the standard Western diet, to a more “balanced” diet, to vegetarianism only seemed to make things worse. I even tried a vegan diet. That was the final straw. My overall health and training quickly took a nose dive. My doctor did nothing but order blood tests and prescribe drugs and creams. You can probably guess how that story ended.

My health was way too important for me to give up on, for my own sake as well as my family’s. So I did the research, found the gurus that made ancestral sense and experimented on myself. I adopted a ketogenic diet for several years and greatly improved my health. And, then nearly 2 years ago I came across the carnivore diet and the ancestral lifestyle through Dr Shawn Baker and other professionals. Adopting this new yet ancient lifestyle, I have improved my overall health and enjoyment of life immensely.

Now a successful, experienced, practicing Certified Carnivore, Certified Fasting, and Certified Primal Health Coach; lean, fit, strong, and more energetic than ever, I feel passionate about mentoring others on their own path to great health and well-being.

How about you? Are you ready to join us and begin your own health journey? We can do this TOGETHER! Book me now and let’s get going.

4 reviews for Karl L

  1. daniel Parrott

    Karl is an ideal role model – nutritionally, he’s been where I’ve been, and is currently where I want to be when I am a man his age. Karl is lean, fit, and knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. He was client focused – he listened and understood my goals and concerns, and he gave me his full attention. I found his tips and advice helpful. Some tips are very practical and I will implement them immediately; while others will take a little time and preparation, but will be worth the effort and useful in reaching my goals. In short, I had a good session with Karl, and would recommend him to friends and peers.

  2. Samaria Brugger (verified owner)

    Top notch coach.

  3. David F (verified owner)

    Karl was very knowledgeable, informative and professional. He truly cares about helping people. I am looking forward to implement his plan for me.

  4. Levi C.

    Karl is a fantastic listener as well as highly experienced and knowledgeable in areas that are relevant to sustaining change.
    He is generous and intentional when it comes to providing value to his clients.

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