Kara M


Experience in: skin issues, celiacs, food sensitivities, carb addiction, body composition, athlete


Hello! I am Kara and I have been in the fitness and nutrition industry since 2013. I had tried various ways of eating but became interested in the Carnivore Diet in 2021. This way of eating helped with the issues I was having with Celiac Disease and other food sensitivities. After the results I had I knew I needed to help others find this way of life.

I have personal experiences with;

* Skin issues

* Sinus Issues

*Celiac/Autoimmune Disease

*Food Sensitivities

*Carb Addiction

*Digestive Issues

I am also a powerlifter and a firefighter. I have helped others in the area of;

*Sport Nutrition

*Strength and Conditioning

*Weight Loss/Gain

*Body Composition

*Stress Management

I look forward to working with you!


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