Jules A


Experience in: bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, chronic depression, joint pain, diabetes

Hi, my name is Jules. I have been strict Carnivore for a while now, and during that time, I have seen incredible healing in both my body and mind.

My background is in Psychology with over 15 years personal experience dealing with severe mental disorders including: Bipolar disorder, Eating disorders, Generalized Anxiety, and Chronic Depression, to name a few. I have also had personal experience dealing with other health problems including: cysts, joint pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and obesity.

Before finding carnivore, I helped people to understand their illness but never reach recovery without reoccurrences. I myself suffered from these diseases, which negatively impacted my health, relationships, work, and mental health for most of my life.

Carnivore has given me my life back, and this is why I am no longer interested in going back into traditional psychology, because I can finally help so many more individuals, by helping them learn and better understand how proper human nutrition can change their lives permanently.

I can finally affect real change and healing with my clients. I am excited to work with you, and help you achieve your health goals.



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