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Experience in: weight loss, joint pain, digestive health, food addiction, binge eating, fatigue

Hello! My name is Josh and I have been on an animal based Carnivore way of eating since 2022 and also have 7 years of fasting experience. Growing up I was obese which lead to health problems down that line that losing the weight did not resolve. Using Fasting and Carnivore I have reduced joint pain, improved digestive health, balanced energy, improved strength, and a better relationship with food.

Are you looking to

  • lose weight
  • manage and reduce joint pain
  • improve relationship with food
  • improve blood glucose control
  • balance energy levels
  • live your best life

I’m determined to find people who want to take back their health and live their best lives. I am NOT here to condemn anyone about their diet, only to bring light to better ways of eating and lots of encouragement to go with. If you want to start taking steps to take your health back and be the best mother, father, brother, son, uncle, or whoever you are to other people around you, please reach out to me! I want to help you!

1 review for Josh K

  1. Chris L (verified owner)

    I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Josh a few days ago. I felt like we really had a good connection. Josh is well educated with the carnivore lifestyle and had a lot of good information to share. He is super easy-going and very easy to talk to, and I did not feel apprehensive with opening up to him with some personal medical issues I am having. I’ll continue working with josh as my carnivore lifestyle continues.

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