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Based in New Zealand.

I’m here to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and I believe that the carnivore diet is the easiest, most affordable and effective way to do so.

I have personal experience with: allergies, skin issues, low blood sugars, poor immunity, IBS, leaky gut, joint pain, lower back pain, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, fatigue, low energy, headaches, migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The carnivore diet has resolved all of these issues in a way that the paleo diet, thousands of dollars spent on supplements, appointments with doctors and all manner of alternative practitioners never could.

I have a Bachelor of Natural Medicine and Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing (RN).

1 review for Jo R

  1. Jonelle Tumaru

    Jo’s knowledge and advice have truly helped me to get to a next level of healing my on going health issues. She has taught me that gaining my health and well-being back is really, really simple and straightforward. I have seen huge improvements in gut health, joint pain and my anxiety and depression have disappeared! I’m also appreciate Jo’s experience as a naturopath and RN, which means she has a truly wholistic range of knowledge.
    Thank you for guiding me through this amazing healing journey.

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