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Experience in: weight loss, back aches, leg cramps, shin splints, joint pain

Hi my name Jeff, I’ve spent the last 3 years losing weight and perfecting my health on this carnivore diet. I was a high school athlete that turned into a overweight man, relating to others in thinking it is cool and funny to be fat and out of shape. I tried lots of different weight loss diets with little to no success. Even if I did find success, it was short lived; meaning I got fat again. I started officiating NCAA women’s basketball in my late 30s thinking it would help me get in shape. Well I quickly figured out that running up and down the basketball floor really took a toll on body: back aches, leg cramps, shin splints, joint pain, you name it – I felt it. Then came the carnivore diet. Slowly but surely all these issues started to disappear. I finally am able to referee D1 women’s basketball all season long with little to no pain killers. I would love to spend time with you to help get you healthy. Let’s find success together!


1 review for Jeff C

  1. Jeffrey Nesthus (verified owner)

    I reached out to Jeff when I was new to both MeatRx and the Carnivore lifestyle. Jeff asked lot of great questions to better understand my situation and how best to help me. His coaching and insights have been invaluable and I definitely have better tools and better support to thrive as a transitioning carnivore due to his coaching. Thanks, Jeff!

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