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Country of Origin: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Time Zone: Eastern Time

Languages Spoken: English


I’ve had personal experience with: eating disorders, joint pain, inflammation, dandruff, weight loss, muscle gain, mental illness, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, pre-diabetes, eczema, allergies and cystic acne.


Hey, Meat Fam! My name is Jacie Gregory, AKA Lady Carnivory, and I am a carnivore bikini competitor in training.

After healing a lot of health issues through an intuitive approach to a carnivore diet, including: mental illness, joint pain, cystic acne, and pre-diabetes, I decided to pursue my big dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition in the summer of 2021. My fitness goals are to remain active and energetic while maintaining a healthy and feminine physique.


Now, my passion is helping other people experience the healing and vibrancy that I have achieved through a carnivore lifestyle.


Check out the link below to learn more about me and my experience with a carnivore diet:


12 reviews for Jacie G

  1. Eunice Y. (verified owner)

    Jacie gave me the push and reassurance to jumpstart back into my Carnivore journey. Thank you so much for the suggestions and the tips and tricks on how to make it more sustainable in the long term. I will update you in a few weeks!

  2. Mary Ann Peters (verified owner)

    Jacie was kind, patient, and wise. She’s a fantastic coach and a carnivore rock star!

  3. Eftychia Pantechi (verified owner)

    I felt comfortable talking to Jacie and sharing personal information, regarding my struggles with weight loss and eating habits. She listened very carefully and gave me valuable advice and feedback, as well as the push I needed to try a different approach to my carnivore way of eating. Thank you Jacie!!

  4. Ayana Fuentes (verified owner)

    The session was great and I love how Jacie gave me the feedback from the meeting. Thank you

  5. Karis Wentzel (verified owner)

    I have met with Jacie 2x thus far and they have both been very positive and motivating experiences. She not only helped me with my diet change but also helped find good exercises. Jacie also gave me some really great advice, she told me that this is a lifestyle change so I don’t need to rush into anything. This was a really great reminder because i come from an ED background. I highly recommend her to anyone!

  6. Abby Woollaston (verified owner)

    Jacie is inspiring. I’d almost given up on adopting a carnivore lifestyle after so many failures and she’s given me hope I can do this with practical strategies and powerful insights. Highly recommend!

  7. John Sierra (verified owner)

    Jacie is amazing. I am suffering from symptoms of MS (I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I have Demyelination in my neck and all the symptoms of MS) and she was very knowledgeable about my situation. I look forward to continuing this journey with her as I try to regain my health.

  8. Angie Crick (verified owner)

    Jackie is a wonderful person and inspiration. I really benefit from our conversations. You can tell she genuinely cares.

  9. Angie Crick (verified owner)

    Jacie. Darn autocorrect. So sorry for mistake. You are amazing!

  10. Timothy Barton (verified owner)

    Jacie is amazing! She speaks from personal experience as well as her ongoing research and studies. Her tips are incredibly helpful. I endorse her without hesitation!

  11. Ronald Lurz (verified owner)

    It was great talking with Jacie about the carnivore lifestyle. I’m typically not the type of person who looks for help but I felt that with the issues I was having I couldn’t find any solutions on my own. Jacie opened my eyes to possible solutions and after implementing them my issues resolved. Thanks, Jacie!


  12. John Sierra (verified owner)

    To date, I have 16 bookings with Jacie. She is amazing at what she does and highly recommend! She is very knowledgeable and takes her time to look things up and find answers that you may need.

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