Holly C


Experience in: joint issues, muscle strength

I’m a 61 year old recovering vegetable gardener, baker, home cook, who’s been on a gradual food elimination journey for over 10 years.    After spending 18+ years managing medical practices, came to the realization that was the last place to find real health.

Started in earnest when at age 50 worrying “muscle, joint issues” arouse around the same time my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.    Each step of the journey (elimination of wheat; soy and all seed oils; followed by systematic elimination of many vegetables) resulted in improvement but not elimination of various health issues, until carnivore in April 2019.   Now at the eight month mark, experiencing increased muscle strength (Dr. McGuff’s once-a-week super slow weight training) and the nagging joint pains are gone.

  • Do you need help on dietary / cooking ideas while on carnivore?   How do you handle your families dietary desires and your health needs?
  • What’s the best strategy to handle your family/friend’s criticisms and concerns?
  • How can you positively interact with your health providers, despite their current non-support of your carnivore dietary strategy?  (Hint:  strategic, forward moving reviews)


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