Heather D


Experience in: anxiety, depression, gut issues, obesity, heart issues, lung problems, muscle aches

Hi, my name is Heather. Nice to have you here. I have been carnivore for about a year or so now. I have always had an interest in nutrition and health/fitness. I came from a family who has many health ailments leaving me struggling with anxiety, depression, and gut issues galore. My family history is one of obesity, heart issues, and lung problems just to name a few. I want to avoid that and make changes for myself and my future children. I thought I was healing myself from being vegan (2.5 years) but that made matters worse for me. I dealt with severe anxiety, deep depression, muscle aches, migraines, hair loss, acne, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, IBS/leaky gut, fertility issues, and the list goes on. I can thankfully say that the carnivore diet reversed these issues and still reversing more as I believe it takes more than a year to heal from well over 30 years of eating the SAD. Helping others in a similar journey is my passion.


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