Hans D


Experience in: skin, acid reflux, mood, sleep, addiction, weight maintenance, strength, fitness

I have been intermittently carnivore for 2 years. Before carnivore, I dabbled in keto diets for the last 7 years with varying success but mostly learned as I progressed. I have been weightlifting for many years and did a diploma in personal training. I mostly coach sport with children currently but have valuable training experience.

I lost a considerable amount of weight with keto and the equivalent amount with carnivore after quite a lengthy stall of my weight. Carnivore has helped me with clearer skin, resolved my acid reflux, improved mood, better sleeping patterns, several addictions, stable weight maintenance and improvements in my strength and fitness.

I have advocated low carb living to those close to me and have seen great results with them. I want to help more people with their weight and health struggles and carnivory is an exceptional process to attain these goals.



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