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Experience in: fat loss & building muscle, type 2 diabetes, gout, hypertension, gut disorders

Hi guys I’m Coach George, and I would love to help you be the greatest version of yourself!


I grew up in Queens NYC and after graduating from Cal Berkeley, I moved to Asia where I lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now China.  I adopted the low carb lifestyle more than 20 years ago, but came to realize the benefits of strict keto 4 years ago as my own body changed.  Then i experienced even more benefits when I switched to eating only meat 2 years ago, healing my own gut issues and rejuvenating myself in the process.


At 52 i’ve previously lived the hectic lifestyle of an owner operator of a couple of fitness clubs and health restaurants (started my first business at 29), so I have some insights into food and the fitness industry. Since the pandemic, I continue my greatest love which is to help people get better and improve their lives and to make an impact in their health.


I have personal experience with:
-losing fat & building muscle
-managing type 2 diabetes, gout, hypertension
-managing inflammation of various types
-habits-based coaching (I’m also a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach)
and I do that through a combination of nutrition, meal timing, exercise, rest, motivation, compliance and common sense.


I did the Carnivore and Fasting certification to be of more service to the people who require more healing for their metabolic issues. When you are busy and don’t have time to cook, even some vegetables and supplements can be of value in the context of nutrition deficiency, as you gradually move to eating more nutrient dense and less inflammatory foods like meat. But the benefits of eating meat won’t happen right away if you’ve mostly relied on a standard moderate or high carb plant-based low-fat diet as your body needs to make that adjustment to safely manage the various symptoms that occur in the process.


Systematically removing inflammatory agents while increasing beneficial stimuli will give your body the resources to heal itself every day. You can be the best version of yourself at any age!


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  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Super helpful!!

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