Gary B

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Experience in: hernia, arthritis, psoriasis, weight loss, muscle gain

My name is Gary and i’ve been a carnivore for going on 2 years. I am former Army Infantry and had been diagnosed with a herniated L4L5 and arthritis in my lower back. I also had Psoriasis and was almost 300 pounds at 6’5”. After about a month carnivore i was pain free and able to regain my life. I lost 60 pounds in 4 months and since then I’ve been able to put back on 12 pounds of muscle. I am 44 and feel like I’m in my 20’s! I became a coach to help others like me take their life back and help you become the best you can be. I have held 3 local elected offices and drive for a living as an Independent contractor, so i can also help you eat carnivore while on the road. This July 4th I will be 2 years Carnivore!



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