Fasting Coach Certification


Have you found amazing success on the carnivore diet and fasting and want to help other people on their journey? Become a certified carnivore + fasting coach on Revero! This program is designed by Dr. Shawn Baker MD, the author of the best selling book “The Carnivore Diet”.

1- Personal experience with carnivore diet and fasting for 6 month+
2- Passion to learn and help others
3- Ability to speak english fluently
4- Basic email and computer skills
5- Access to a computer & video calling (Zoom Account)
6- PayPal Account to receive your commission


Coach Certification Program:
1- Submit application forms
2- Complete all training modules
3- Pass the final test
4- Pass the mock-interview
5- Get approved
6- Access your online dashboard to manage clients and bookings.


Please note that:
– Revero doesn’t guarantee to provide clients.
– Feel free to advertise your coaching profile on your social media to get clients.
– All fasting coaching must be done through the Revero platform at least for one year.
– Current compensation for coaching is $24/hour, subject to change and discounts.
– Most of our coaches are part time. If you like helping someone while you’re sitting on your couch after work and make $24/hour this is for you.
– The program takes about a week to complete.



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