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Experience in: pregnancy, breastfeeding, connective tissues chronic pain, addiction, autoimmune

Hello and welcome to the carnivore community at Revero! I can’t wait to help you reach all your goals!

My name is Emily. I am 28 years old and I have an amazing husband and beautiful daughter with whom I love to spend time. In my own life I successfully implemented a carnivore diet into my own life to heal years of autoimmune symptoms, manage chronic pain, kick fatigue to the curb, and banish muscle weakness and I’d like to help you do the same!

  • I have personal experience with carnivore and pregnancy/breastfeeding, keto to carnivore transition, carnivore and chronic pain of the connective tissues, overcoming addiction and more. I also hold an esthetician license in my state and have thoroughly enjoyed serving my skincare clients. Helping others achieve overall health and wellbeing has always been a passion and profession for me! Working with clients and listening to their story before developing a plan specific to each client is paramount for me. None of us are the same person, so none of us will likely need the exact same approach to wellness. My specialty is in seeing YOUR needs and creating a plan for YOU. I can’t wait to restore your health and your relationship with food TOGETHER!

Book a session today, and take control of your health and wellness!

2 reviews for Emily R

  1. Stacy (verified owner)

    Emily is really good to work with. She understood my health concerns and gave me a lot of tools to put in place in order to succeed. She was very relatable , understanding and empathetic. I highly recommend her. Glad she’s is on this journey with me.

  2. Arnas Savickas (verified owner)


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