Elizabeth S


Experience in: anxiety, weight, asthma, eczema, acne, painful periods, fatigue, joint pain, IBS

My name is Elizabeth and welcome to the carnivore way.

carnivore and fasting coach here.

I have lived this way since around October 2020 and have come from almost every diet on this earth. I found that it only worked a short while, then I couldn’t sustain them due to them being restrictive calorically or I had to spend far too much money on supplements. While I benefited temporarily with weight loss I was never able to resolve my other health issues. I then changed to Keto in 2017 and immediately saw improvement of some of my heath issues including asthma and eczema and managed to stick to it for 8 months. It was definitely beneficial but found myself adding in too many “Keto” snacks and desserts and found myself back to square one. Then stumbled upon carnivore and decided why not!!?

It has been an amazing journey of health; mentally, emotionally and physically.  Especially with my anxiety and secondly weight. I am able to focus more and I have been able to make decisions much faster and with far less worry. It’s amazing! Weight loss has definitely happened, 8kgs down!! and now I don’t stress about the rest that needs to come off as I know it will.

I am not perfect at times with this way of eating because I used to come from an “all or nothing” type of thinking. If I slipped up I would be on a bender of terrible eating for days and sometimes weeks. But now I have created and implemented some strategies for myself to get right back on the horse in a day or two because I feel so great and want to keep going.

I have also gotten rid of my asthma, eczema, acne, painful periods, fatigue, joint pain and finally drastically reduced my IBS flare ups. I used to have IBS flare ups at least once a month but it’s only happened once this entire year! I look forward to continued healing and thriving while helping others do the same.


Join me in this way of eating and let’s thrive and heal together. See you soon!!


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