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30 minute consult

  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Recovery
  • Motivation

How it works:

  • Choose a time > Book now > complete the payment > Get a confirmation email
  • The coaching session is a video call on the Zoom app. Download the app here
  • A few minutes before the meeting Dr. Baker will send you an email with an invite link to a Zoom video call. Click on the zoom invitation link and it will automatically open the Zoom app, then join the meeting. Video instructions
  • If you prefer audio-only, you can turn off your camera during the session

Disclaimer: Carnivore.Diet does not provide medical advice.

13 reviews for Dr. Shawn Baker MD

  1. Martin McNeil

    I would recommend to anyone that has questions to book a session with Dr Shawn Baker. Informative and motivating all at once! Thanks Shawn!

  2. Dan Parrott (verified owner)

    It’s like watching Shawn on Youtube, only he’s talking directly to you! 🙂

    Seriously tho, Shawn helped me to contextualize some of my blood test scores. He produced charts, studies, and anecdotes to help explain what might be going on with some of my results. Bottom line, my tests are outstanding, and I am feeling better than I ever have on carnivore. So thank you Shawn for giving me permission to enjoy my overall progress and gains, and not worry about every little anomaly!

    is there I won’t let a few weird chemistry numbers

  3. Jeffrey Henneforth (verified owner)

    It was great talking to the guy who is leading the charge with this way of life. Talking with Dr. Baker really grounded my thinking that i can do this and it will change my life. Looking forward to booking my follow/progress appt in 6-8 weeks. Thank you!!

  4. Joyce Palmateer (verified owner)

    I had a one hour consult with Dr. Baker today. He asked me to tell him about myself at the beginning, but after that he talked the whole time about things to do for a newer person on carnivore. I told him that I’ve been doing this for six months, But he didn’t really listen to what I was trying to tell him. I had to interrupt him three or four times just to get a question in, and then he didn’t really answer my questions. Really disappointed. If you want to get advice from him, listen to his podcasts, he’s the same way in person.

  5. Tracy Filley (verified owner)

    Very helpful. I think anyone with questions or just needing reassurance or clarification would benefit. Also appreciate how down to earth Dr. Baker is

  6. Kate Dawson (verified owner)

    Shawn was so informative and helpful. I have listened to him a lot on Youtube but it really helped to personalise the carnivore diet to me. He advised me on what to eat and reviewed some of my transitional issues effecting my stomach and what to try to help. Highly recommend!

  7. Mark Mallas (verified owner)

    Why did I wait so long???!!!!. Talking to “The Doc” was like having him in my house!!! What a great experience. The information he gave me was dynamic!!! Can’t wait for my follow up call to show him how much I have improved with the knowledge I gained in just that 30 minute call… Worth every penny!!!!……….. Thanks again Doc!!!!!!

  8. Saoirse (verified owner)

    Thank you for the practical guidance on blood work and carnivore. It was good to check in with Dr Shawn Baker and get some important clarification on a few key points I was struggling with, very much appreciate his work and the Revero team too.

  9. Jake Thomas (verified owner)

    Dr. Baker is great. He’s very generous with his time, passionate and highly informative on the subject matter. Thank you!

  10. Taylor (verified owner)

    Very helpful to understand how to deal with my autoimmune disease better and what the expect as I heal

  11. Anita Hale (verified owner)

    It was a terrific conversation where I could ask my questions and get honest feedback and advice to get my mindset moving in the right direction as well. I have a plan, and Dr. Baker gave me some new thought and motivational exercises that I can do to even help slay the grehlin response in the first few months. It is always impactful and worth the time and money when you have a few “AHA” moments that validate your plan and provide you with tools to help you along the way. I look forward to consulting with him in a couple of months as the journey continues!

  12. Scott Harwood (verified owner)

    Great conversation…had many questions about my recent blood tests. Dr Baker set mind at ease, and made a couple of suggestions…he took his time answering all my questions…Thx Dr Baker…keep up the great work!

  13. Nav (verified owner)

    Amazing. Dr Baker took good time to listen and understand me. His breadth of knowledge is just amazing. He has changed my life so much, I simply can’t thank him enough.

    Thank you Dr. Baker and keep helping the world. We need people like you.

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