Donna G


Hi, my name is Donna.  I have been a strict carnivore for almost a year now.  During this time, I have seen amazing and incredible healing in my body and mind.


During my life I have struggled with my weight, carb and sugar addiction, and many health issues.  Two years ago, I was so sick I retired from my job because I was diagnosed with Fibromyxoid Spindle-cell Sarcoma and Adrenal Insufficiency.  I started treatment for both, surgery, radiation, and steroids, which left me sicker than when I began. 


When I found carnivore, I was skeptical but hopeful.  I was on 21 medications.  I had tried every diet on the planet with no success. I felt hopeless, broken and out of control.  I felt stuck in my cravings and ashamed.


I wish I had found this community sooner because carnivore gave me my life back.  I no longer struggle with cravings and carb addiction.  I have my health back.  I’m on one medication now.  When my second cancer tumor appeared, carnivore helped me heal it without additional treatment.  I am no longer restricted to indoor activities.  I am back to hiking, hunting, traveling, and exploring with my husband and family.



 Autoimmune skins issues

Adrenal insufficiency/fatigue






Chronic depression

Food Addiction

Carb Addiction


I am proof you CAN have the healthy life you have always wanted.  Let me help support and encourage you. Together we CAN do this!


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