Dawn Z


Experience in:  weightlifting, fitness, skincare, eczema, high blood pressure, breast cancer

Hi! My name is Dawn.  

I always thought I was health conscious and thought I ate a healthy diet.  It always included meat but I mistakenly believed the media and medical professionals when they demonized red meat so I began to eat less of it even though I really enjoyed it.  I also fell for the low-fat nonsense and believed that my body required carbs and fiber.  When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my mid 30’s, I listened to my doctor and ate low sodium everything, stopped adding salt to my foods and had a very bland tasting diet.  I got lazy on the weekends when my kids were younger and ate fast food weekly.  I did workout but also thought I could reward myself with food following my workout and I would just burn it off.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and knew I had to make some lifestyle changes.  I again fell for the typical recommended diet for combatting cancer which consisted of lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and low fat.  This was working for me but I still wanted to lose more fat and tone up so I reduced my portion size.  I started experimenting with keto.  The game changer was when my husband suggested we try Carnivore.  I laughed and said I would up eating meats but I couldn’t stop eating fruits and vegetables.  I was able to reduce my processed carbs and starchy foods and finally cut them out.  I then tried eliminating fruits.  I went from having a salad daily with other vegetables to totally eliminating them as well.  It definitely makes things easier when both spouses are following the same diet.  I have been Carnivore for over a year and a half. I enjoy the simplicity of this WOE.  I now add salt to taste and my blood pressure has drastically improved and I am completely off my medication.  My body has gotten stronger, leaner and no more bloating. My workouts have improved and I am able to lift more weight than before with a better recovery time and little to no soreness.  

I am a Licensed Esthetician, a Carnivore Health Coach with Revero, a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Fitness Coach with ISSA. I continue to seek more knowledge as well as better myself daily. I plan to learn more in health, wellness and fitness and will continue to update my qualifications.  I’m looking forward to helping you find your optimal health.  


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