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Experience in: C DIFF, anorexia, bulimia, chronic IBS, low mood, fatigue, digestive issues, exercise

Hey there! I’m 39 years old and currently a 4.5 year carnivore/animal-based diet veteran with a passion for  health, wellness, fitness, mindset, and creativity. I’m a creative writer and a musician in my “other life,” so I’ve always looked at things a little DIFFERENTLY—and I like to think that I bring this same outside-the-box approach to diet and lifestyle. I believe that we really CAN make improvements to our health and well-being with simple tweaks and consistency; the problem for most of us is simply that we’ve spent most of our lives pulling levers that don’t matter! We need to THINK DIFFERENTLY, ACT DIFFERENTLY, LIVE DIFFERENTLY.


I came to this way of eating after developing Anorexia/Bulimia tendencies on a Paleo diet, as well as chronic IBS, mood disruption, some serious fatigue, and even recurring C Diff infections. Over the past several years, I have utilized a meat-based diet to help restore weight, confidence, cognitive function, and healthy digestion. Along the way, I’ve experimented with every different corner of carnivore/animal-based eating (fasting, strict carnivore, ketovore, high fat, high protein, and on and on!), so I have plenty of tools in my toolkit to help you shake things up.


In addition to carnivory, I’m a passionate exercise enthusiast who is enthusiastic about getting clients moving in ways that are SIMPLE, CHEAP, and FUN. I’ve been learning and practicing calisthenics and yoga skills for 10+ years, and I believe I have a talent for distilling movement patterns and functional exercise down to their most basic levels to help ANYONE level-up their life!


I’d love to help you tweak or trouble-shoot your current diet and lifestyle approach with simple, step-by-step solutions that are tailored to who YOU are and where YOU are coming from. No goal is too small or too large…but each one starts with that first step. And you don’t have to take that first step alone; we can take it together. Let’s get started!


3 reviews for Dan S

  1. Jaret (verified owner)

    Dan was very logical and helpful. Being able to speak to someone that has had similar challenges was a great push in the right direction.
    He listened well and he is motivated by you being your best. I felt he could articulate the subject of health very well and didn’t have his own agenda. Thanks Dan!

  2. Taylor Scarbrough (verified owner)

    Dan is amazing! We had a very in depth conversation, and he helped settle a lot of my anxieties and questions I had about starting a carnivore diet. He’s extremely knowledgeable, personable, and a huge asset to the carnivore community. I look forward to our next call!

  3. Bobby (verified owner)

    Great session. Dan made ONE recommendation which instantly improved my energy and bowel movements. Thank you!

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