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Experience in: pregnancy, breastfeeding, thyroid, depression, anxiety, IBS, migraine, carnivore kids

Hi, I’m Cindy! I’ve been carnivore for more than four years, and keto for nearly two years before that. Now that I have a thriving carnivore family, I want to help others figure out how to make carnivore work for them!

I’ve had personal experience with:

  • weight optimization
  • low-carb pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • fitness (running, strength)
  • hypothyroid
  • depression, general anxiety, social anxiety
  • seasonal and food allergies, eczema, and asthma
  • hidradenitis suppurativa (chronic boils)
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • migraine
  • LMHR (lean mass hyper-responder)

I’ll be excited to get to know and help you!





1 review for Cindy D.

  1. Katlyn Moyer

    This is my first attempt at this process. The one on one with Cindy was amazing. Hey knowledge of the carnivore diet was just the beginning. I have migraines, I’m over weight, stress, sleep issues, anxiety, etc. But her positive was soothing. She had an experience to share for each of my issues. She made me feel very comfortable and was full of ideas and tips. Thank you for your guidance and empathy. So far I’m down 14 pounds and my energy level is rising. My migraines have lowered and my blood pressure is stable. Amazing!!

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