Chana K


Experience in: NAFLD, auto-immune disease, weight loss, digestive issues, acid reflux, pre-diabetes



.      Hi and Welcome!

I am Chana and I started the Carnivore WOE (Way of Eating) on my 71st birthday, April 5, 2022.   Formerly, I had

tried many other dietary regimes and programs including, vegetarianism, veganism, macrobiotics, raw foods, Paleo, Keto

and then finally found Carnivore.

I am passionate about assisting others in their journeys to create a sustainable and lifelong balance to their health.

My personal experience includes:


* Auto Immune Disease

* Weight Loss

* Skin Issues

* Digestive Issues

*  Acid Reflux

*  Hypo-Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue

*. Carb Addiction

*. Pre-Diabetes

Looking Forward to Hearing from You!!


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