Carnivore Coach Certification

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Have you found amazing success on the carnivore diet and want to help other people on their journey? Become a certified carnivore coach on Revero! This program is designed by Dr. Shawn Baker MD, the author of the best selling book “The Carnivore Diet”.

1- Personal experience with the carnivore diet for 6 month+
2- Passion to learn and help others
3- Ability to speak english fluently
4- Basic email and computer skills
5- Access to a computer & video calling (Zoom Account)
6- PayPal Account to receive your commission


Coach Certification Program:
1- Submit application forms
2- Complete all training modules
3- Pass the final test
4- Pass the mock-interview
5- Get approved
6- Access your online dashboard to manage clients and bookings.


Please note that:
– Revero doesn’t guarantee to provide clients.
– Feel free to advertise your coaching profile on your social media to get clients.
– All carnivore coaching must be done through the Revero platform at least for one year.
– Current compensation for coaching is $24/hour, subject to change and discounts.
– Most of our coaches are part time. If you like helping someone while you’re sitting on your couch after work and make $24/hour this is for you.
– The program takes about a week to complete.


4 reviews for Carnivore Coach Certification

  1. Tracy K (verified owner)

    So fun being a coach at! The certification process is full of great information and a great help to people who want to share all about the carnivore lifestyle with others! Paying it forward!

  2. Yecca

    I enjoyed the coaching training! Very simple to understand and now that I have the certification, I absolutely love helping others conquer their goals on the carnivore diet. There are plenty of other coaches that are willing to help and good resources to continue education. And this is way more affordable than most other coaching certifications. Love it.

  3. Lloyd H

    The coaching certification really helped me develop my carnivore coaching knowledge and gave me the ability to focus on the aspects that are most important. Becoming part of this community has been a very special experience, one that develops and flourishes every day. The benefits of this certification far outweigh it’s cost. Highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in helping people with animal based nutrition.

  4. Raymond Nazon (verified owner)

    This is the best certification ever. I get to interact with other coaches and this keeps my interest in everything carnivore and to boot I get to help out any new carnivores or struggling carnivores.

    The MeatRx Carnivore Coaching is a dream come true for me.

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