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Experience in: food intolerances, gas, IBS, bloating, fatigue, chronic low energy

“Every new day is a chance to change your life” 

Hello, My name is Brooke, and I want to tell you my story. 

It is not an uncommon tale: I have personal experience with food intolerances, gas, IBS, bloating, fatigue, and chronic low energy. 

I had a standard American diet growing up, but as an adult I tried several other diets, including eating vegetarian for a few years. Then as I aged, had children, and grew older, I started to develop new health issues, which I could not ignore. I became unable to digest my food without having a lot of pain and bloating. It started out with me developing one or two food intolerances that I could identify. However, gradually it turned into too many food sensitivities to keep track of! I began to feel that I was unable to digest anything at all without pain.  At one point I began to dread the fact that I was going to have to eat again. I would skip meals just to avoid the pain. I was also tired a lot and had too little energy to exercise in the way I wanted to. I was eventually diagnosed with IBS. 

Although I was already certified as a Nutrition Consultant due to my lifelong personal passion for health and nutrition, I was disappointingly unable to resolve my digestion issues. During this time I saw many different kinds of health practitioners. None of them were able to help me with my apparent inability to digest most food. I could not understand why all the different things I tried were not helping.

Finally, I came upon the carnivore diet, and I knew immediately that I had to give it a try. It was definitely challenging for me at first, but then I began to see the amazing results. It really is remarkable. I have been “eating carnivore” for two years now, and I have been completely blown away. My body immediately began to heal. I no longer have any gas, pain or bloating after I eat. I can digest my food! I have even been able to add some foods into my diet that I previously could not tolerate. This was such a big deal for me because I have always believed that our bodies can heal. Now I am living proof.

There have been several other positive effects of switching to the carnivore diet. I have had an increase of overall energy, and I do not have the cravings I used to have. I can now do high-intensity workouts without being tired all of the time! 


Why do I coach now? When I began to see the amazing results of eating a carnivore diet for my body, I knew that I wanted to work with people to help them use this diet as a tool to heal their bodies too. 

Along with being a certified Nutrition Consultant and a Revero coach, I have experience making meals in both professional kitchens and at home with three kids, so I have many ideas for how to implement these changes in a variety of settings. 

If you are thinking of trying carnivore, go for it! I really cannot wait to help you. 


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