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Experience in: muscle mass, dental health, rosacea, anxiety, mood stabilization, skin sensitivity

Hi my name is Brooke and I’d love to help you meet your health, weight, and fitness goals.
I have eaten carnivore since September of 2018 after my beloved life partner suddenly died of brain cancer. 3 weeks later I fell from a roof and broke my back.  and frankly, I wanted to die too.  I turned toward the carnivore diet to strengthen my broken back, my broken life and help heal my broken heart.
The benefits have been immense. I’m stronger and have found the resolve to move forward. Not only has my back recovered and getting better daily, I have seen improvements in muscle mass, dental health, rosacea, anxiety, mood stabilization, skin sensitivity, joint pain, amazing sports recovery speed, bloating, digestion and body composition.
And a deep gratitude to the animals whose lives sustain mine.
Life is going to heap challenges on all of us, give yourself a fighting chance with optimal nutritional support. You deserve your own radical self care.
I’m happy to help you with this transition and share what I know. What to eat, when, how, shopping tips, prep, hacks, eliminating cravings, detoxifying from oxalates, tweaking the diet to fit your goals, and helping you stay accountable to yourself.
Stunning health and strength is possible. Get yours.
Survive and Thrive.

14 reviews for Brooke E

  1. David edmunds

    I had a very productive and enjoyable coaching session with Brooke. She is super knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, and physical activity. A former chef, Brooke is also adept and creative in the kitchen. Thanks Brooke, I look forward to our next coaching session.

  2. SG (verified owner)

    Brooke is outstanding! I had so many questions and she took the time to answer them all. I was extremely impressed by her deep knowledge of nutrition and diet. She also gave me very helpful ideas regarding food preparation and creating meals that fit into the low carb lifestyle. I’m very much looking forward to our next session!

  3. Joanna (verified owner)

    It was so much fun to chat with Brooke. I’ve been playing with carnivore for the last fourteen months. She was supportive and helped to drive the point home that for me to stay on track I have to eat the foods that I enjoy and not let myself get hungry. Such a simple suggestion but it really has been my challenge. Thanks for the reminders and suggestions Brooke!

  4. Yomi (verified owner)

    Brooke is a wonderful coach and a lovely person. Very warmhearted and deeply interested in trying to help. I could relate so quickly and felt understood. She could give good advice for everyday life and meals. I loved our session very much. We will see each other again, in another session or during a meeting.
    Thank you so much, Brooke!! Sending you much love.

  5. kathryn Kos (verified owner)

    Brooke was very empathetic, knowledgeable, and friendly. She answered all my questions and gave me some hope that this will be helpful! Thank you Brooke!!

  6. Mina Laing (verified owner)

    Brooke is awesome! I was on carnivore a year ago, successfully, for about 6 weeks and want to get back on the diet to help reduce symptoms of my autoimmune disorder. I reached out to Brooke after attending her Weekly Carnivore Cooking meeting. My first coaching session was wonderful and very informative and I look forward to trying out the different meats, fats, and organs and her recommendations on how to prepare and cook them to keep me focused and stay on track. Thanks Brooke, looking forward to our follow up session!

  7. Tangie Solow (verified owner)

    Thank you Brooke for giving me such good suggestions during our session. A few follow ups. I am now drinking buttered decaf, am eating smaller meals and am off black pepper. Who knew, these small tweaks would be so helpful? And there was much more general information, all of which I took to heart and mind. Brooke listened well and was generous with her time, knowledge and encouragement I highly recommend!

  8. Jenny Holmes (verified owner)

    Loved my coaching session with Brooke! She is kind and listens intently to what you have to say. She has lots of great advice (specifically with PUFAs and oxalates) and you will walk away with many tools in your kit bag! She has a zest for life that is contagious!

  9. Amy (verified owner)

    I just had a session with Brooke and found her to be knowledgable and supportive. I came to the session with a lot of nutrition knowledge, so I didn’t need her to “teach” me, however, I’m always listening for bad information or craziness and Brooke did not say anything suspicious! (Ha) She emphasized eating the foods I really enjoy to make the transition to carnivore easier. I felt very comfortable talking to Brooke, and will check in with her again.

  10. Gerry (verified owner)

    Thank You Brooke for a great coaching session. I felt very at ease and was able to communicate well with her. She was very helpful and gave some great advice. I will be booking again soon!

  11. Karla Powell (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my session with Brooke very much and am so happy that I have met her! She is very well versed in diet and nutrition and had some great helpful hints as well! Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks Brooke.

  12. melissa mccabe (verified owner)

    Brooke brings education experience and science not her opinion N =1 advice which can be dangerous. She shows empathy kindness and patience very generous with her time and accommodating many thanks Brooke for your wisdom

  13. Matty Bateson (verified owner)

    My parents and I were very thankful to speak to Brooke about health issues in our family, particularly Dad, and receiving some good advice and affirmation on what I have put together for us using a Modified Carnivore Diet. Brooke is very knowledgeable, has an uplifting and caring personality, and a pleasure to talk to. Blessings.

  14. Neil W (verified owner)

    Brooke has been so very helpful, friendly and knowledgable. Thank you!

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