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Experience in: stress, obesity, cravings, chronic pain, inflammation, gastric reflux

I help busy people & professionals over 30 boost energy, burn fat, and build health through a carnivore diet & ancestral lifestyle that fits the demands of a busy life.

As an engineer putting in long hours, I suffered from stress, obesity, constant cravings, chronic pain & inflammation for 10 years, and gastric reflux. Finally, I had enough. I researched endlessly, discovered Carnivore, set goals and tackled them one-by-one with monthly challenges. Through carnivore and ancestral lifestyle hacks for a demanding life, I lost 50lb and healed my body.

If you need an analytical but empathetic coach skilled in planning and implementing solutions for a demanding life, book with me today.

See my success story here:

1 review for Brett Z

  1. Gerald Joseph (verified owner)

    Thanks Brett! you really did help with the science of carnivore lifestyle and even helping me wrap my head around the mental pathways. I hope to apply what you learned through your path. It’s nice to know that you were successful in what I need to accomplish for myself right now!

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