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Experience in: hormonal issues, gut issues, anxiety, depression, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes

My name is Annabel Cordelia and I’m a carnivore diet based coach, using nutrition and lifestyle to optimize hormone health and create fat loss and muscle build. Everything I teach is from experience.

Having lived in London and been mentored by a successful body transformation specialist (taught by Charles Poliquin) I know how to tailor a results based approach to the general public to optimize basic health.

I work with:

  • hormonal issues
  • gut issues
  • acne
  • anxiety and depression
  • insulin resistance
  • pre-diabetes
  • carnivore diet tweaks

I have experience with biosignature and calipers to determine hormonal profiling

My learning has only continued and each day I grow smarter and stronger.

My own self development and education is integral to my lifestyle and my role in helping others.

As a woman who trains hard, I understand the importance and delicacy of our hormones. I tweak lifestyle aspects around our cycles and how to make sure our metabolic processes are running how they should be.


NB! I live in Estonia and am 10 hours ahead of L.A time!

My gym session powered by the carnivore diet


My Carnivore Transformation

Before the carnivore diet

The carnivore diet has really improved the results of my work out

Another profile picture.


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