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Experience in: malnutrition, copper toxicity, oxalates, vegetarianism, veganism

When I was five my whole family became vegetarian (and subsequently vegan) and my health began to deteriorate from that point. For most of my life my health was a source of absolute despair – until I switched to a 100% carnivore diet in July 2018. Now I simply want to help others recover, too.

Many people report that they have an easy transition, but I can offer experience of a very tricky one. 43 years of (mostly) veganism gave me very severe malnutrition, copper toxicity and a hefty oxalate overload; these matters do not reverse themselves overnight! If you are getting some unpleasant symptoms as your body re-balances, please get in touch as this has definitely been my experience too.

I also have nearly 20 years experience as a practising therapist/coach. If you have had a difficult emotional journey with your health problems – and I’m sure most of us know how traumatic poor health can be – I can help you unravel that, too.

9 reviews for Anna Z

  1. Gene Modin (verified owner)

    I really appreciated my time with Anna. She helped me to identify some activities to help deal with my emotional issues that plague me. She is able to identify the issue and ways to deal with them.

  2. Gene Modin (verified owner)

    Thank you again, Anna. I appreciate your understanding of the effect of experiences on my mood. Keep up the good work. You are a great encouragement and help with ways to improve my diet.

  3. Hillary Spencer (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for your help, Anna! It was wonderful talking to you. I got a lot of great information from our session that I think will really help me.

  4. Jessica Deverill

    Thank you ever so much, Anna! Your information to cope with oxalate dumping is sensible and your encouragement is immeasurable. I’m in the carnivore diet for the long haul too. Bless you for becoming a coach. My little one thanks you too because she also wants to be healthy.

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    Anna thank you for providing many good tips and ideas on how to transition to a carnivore diet and what to expect. Made me think that I will need patience and determination in the coming weeks and months and also the right mindset, thinking in both short and longer term goals (as it will not all happen overnight unless one of a lucky few). You have a great coaching style, very good knowledge, listen very carefully, encouraging and provide very helpful advice. Thanks a lot.

  6. Jessica Della-Schiava (verified owner)

    Anna was fantastic. I’m really glad I met her. She answered all of my questions and I felt very supported and heard in being honest with my health struggles. She reassured me about my worries with going carnivore and if i would get enough vitamins. I feel more confident about it when I decide to make the transition. Thank you Anna i very much appreciate your time you’re a really great coach.

  7. katrine neergaard (verified owner)

    Thanks Anna for a wonderful session yesterday! It was good to hear about your healing experiences and I love your kind and gentle approach. I so appreciate all you – and MeatRX are doing to help people heal!

  8. Roxanne Rollins (verified owner)

    Anna has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I left the coaching session with all my questions answered and the reassurance that the body will heal in the perfect time and way. It was nice to speak to a coach whose experience with carnivore is based on health issues rather than losing weight. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks, Anna!

  9. Joni Gilmore (verified owner)

    Anna is such a great listener and that makes it easy to talk about what is going on in one’s life as we challenge ourselves in new ways of healing. She asks the right questions.
    Because of her own experience she was able to reassure me about some of the challenges I am coming across in my carnivore journey. She is very knowledgeable about some of the unexpected consequences of changing one’s diet. It is nice to know that the coaches are available to talk with. I no longer feel I am in this alone.
    Thank you, Anna!

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