Aneta D


Experience in: body dysmorphia, GI dysfunction, keratosis pilaris, chronic lichen planus infections, depression, anxiety

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Aneta and I have worked in the alternative health industry as a Registered Massage Therapist for over 15 years and bring with me a wealth of knowledge about the human body. Having been in this industry I have counseled thousands of people into looking at their health and wellness journey from a different perspective. When it comes to the physical well-being of my clients I have always tried to instill a passion for becoming pro-active versus having to deal with the aftermath of years of neglect. At first this was a one sided approach before I discovered the true power of healing from the inside.


Having also been a vegetarian for 6 years in my youth I also know first hand the difference diet can have on overall health and wellness. In recent years I have switched to a carnivore diet and have maintained this lifestyle change for 4 years. This has developed my first hand experience in treating my own battles with:


  • body dysmorphia
  • GI dysfunction
  • keratosis pilaris
  • chronic lichen planus infections
  • adult acne
  • depression (including mental cognition)
  • weight loss
  • debilitating joint pain
  • as well as postpartum depression


I reside with my family in the woods of rural Alberta, Canada and promote self-sustaining farming and local environmental sustainability practices. I also run my own tallow based soap business as well as working as a Registered Massage Therapist. I maintain an active lifestyle by working on our future homestead, which there is never a shortage of work, as well as incorporating family time with my husband who is also a carnivore, our kids and our dogs.


My interest in developing not just body health but also working on my own mind-body connection has led down a path of internal work on the consciousness incorporating more recently the practice of Yoga. Having worked on the physical it has become an easy transition to focus on the mental aspects of my own health journey.


My passion in life as well as my purpose is to expand on teaching those who wish to learn that life is not just a destination but a journey of self-discovery. That includes maintaining a healthy mind-body connection and teaching you that you can heal from within. There is no magic pill. There is no shortcut. If you put in the work and focus, you can literally accomplish the impossible. I’m not here to heal you, you have to put in the work and then you can reap your own benefits first hand. It won’t be easy and you may curse at the process but YOU can accomplish the impossible. I look forward to helping you on your journey!



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