Anastasia P


Experience in: weight loss, depression (dysthymia), chronic fatigue

I help people with weight loss, depression (or dysthymia) and chronic fatigue. I’ve healed myself. I have helped several people regain the energy that they are designed to have.
I went from 30% body fat to about 20% body fat. I’ve suffered from a persistent depressive disorder for about 15 years, along with chronic fatigue that made me lose my job several times. After about 15 years of 100+ experiments with nutrition protocols (from vegan and raw vegan through keto and IF and carnivore), physical exercise, psychotherapy, breathing, and other practices, I’ve had an aha moment: now I am REALLY LIVING. Why did no one tell me before this is the way life can be lived? 🙂

My principles: I’m improving your health and mood metrics via weekly tracking of objective indicators; evidence-based approach (reading science all the time) and searching for the truth; context matters; do no harm; let’s have fun while we are rebuilding our life.

I am a senior professional in the tech industry. Been working as a product manager for ~10 years. If you need someone rational, yet caring, proactive and fun – let’s work together on your goals. The rule of the game is once we agree on which habits you are changing, I will support you and expect you to follow through the agreement.

Who I CAN’T help with: morbidly obese people, people with diabetes type 1, autoimmune issues, cancer. I can help people who are overweight, suffer from depression and/or chronic fatigue.

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