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Experience: healing pre-diabetes, IF and Ex fasting, building routines, weight loss, exercise

Hello!   It’s Amy. I love meeting new people and I am excited to help you meet your health goals with the carnivore and/or fasting way of life.  Whether you are new or have lots of experience with your health and nutrition we can focus on dialing things in to get the results you want. I have a big passion for this type of healing and education hoping I can be a part of the movement helping people and the society turn around ideas about proper nutrition.

I’ve been living and studying low carb and fasting practices for a decade. I went low carb ten years ago then ketovore 3 years with great results. Now I’m full carnivore. I healed prediabetes within months when I went low carb 10 years ago.   I have experience finding options for weight loss for people who don’t lose weight easily, like myself.  I found that a good personalized plan with personal coaching and exercise has helped me.   I will explore motivation issues, barriers to change, and how to best support behavior changes.

* Healing type 2 diabetes
* Fasting
* Weight loss
* Cholesterol issues
* Motivation
* Habit building
* Removing barriers to change
* Commitment to Exercise
* Mental Health Benefits

Please contact me if you would like to set up sessions to move forward on your healing journey!

1 review for Amy C

  1. Amanda Byzak (verified owner)

    I’ve had my first meeting with Amy and I’m excited to continue our meetings bimonthly to make short term achievable goals and have someone help guide me along the way. Thanks, Amy!

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