Alex P


Experience in: improved bowel movements, muscle gain

My name is Alex and I am a 37-year-old husband and father of 2 boys.  In the last few years, I developed an intense passion for nutrition, fitness, and mental performance!

I began the carnivore diet January of 2019.  I came across the carnivore diet and Dr. Shawn Baker.  Dr. Baker spoke about the benefits of the carnivore diet for optimal health and nutrition. The benefits that stood at for me were speedier fat loss and less bloat.  I removed all plants from my diet and began a meat-based diet.  My diet consisted of new york steaks, rib eyes, flap meat, chuck steak, ground beef, cow intestines, beef liver, bacon, chicken wings, chicken thighs, salmon and sardines. I noticed improvement in my bowels (once a day or every other day), muscle gain, and rarely felt hunger.

It has been a 3-year fitness journey and I wish to pass on what I have learned throughout my process.  Now let’s work together to help you reach your optimal mental and physical health!




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